Follow-up: What is the funniest thing you’ve seen your pet do?

Asked At: Asked at Petco in Monterey.

MARGARET DUNN | Retired | Salinas

12.12.13 - Margaret

A: I moved out, my ex-husband let the cat out of the car 3 miles away. He ended up on the roof of my house I lived in with the cat before I got married.

Spot On: Pee in a toilet.

TESSIE POPPER-KEIZER | Customer Advisor | Monterey

12.12.13 - Tessie

A: My kitty, Dunchess, senses when I’m sick and when I need comfort – she’ll nuzzle me.

Hairy Sitch: At my friend’s house, the cat jumps on the reptile’s cage and stares.

REGINA MURNANE | Homemaker | Seaside

ST 12.12.13 - Regina

A: We moved into military housing and there was a cat with a litter of feral kittens. They’re part of our family now.

Above Board: My cat jumps from my headboard to the top of the blinds and walks along them. I call him “Spider Cat.”

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