Artifacts 05.23.19

he Alisal Union School District All-Star Drumline at the 2019 Salinas Founders Day Festival outside The Armory

  • Back in March, the Camerata Singers raised $7,500 for the Veterans Transition Center via three concerts of Ralph Vaughn Williams’ “Dona nobis pacem” (“Grant us peace”) based onWalt Whitman’s writings about the Civil War. The money was used for VTC’s pantry to feed homeless veterans for three months. Bravo.
  • Susan “Suzka” Collins sent out a press release/letter that read, in part: “In the past 26 years, I designed the stages for the Monterey Jazz Festival. That was the easy part. The magic was in my team.” Later she writes, “Letting go is inevitable as well as exciting.” The Jazz Festival has hired a marketing and design firm to take over. So Suzka is bowing out.
  • Actor and history teacher Howard F. Burnham devises engaging monologues as a means of showing us who key figures (mostly men, mostly Anglo) in history were. His newest presentation is on writer and thinker John Ruskin, who Burnham describes as a polymath art critic, social reformer and eccentric who inspired Tolstoy and Gandhi. Meet Ruskin 5:30pm Saturday, May 25, at The Little House in Pacific Grove’s Jewell Park. 747-1630,
  • David Wrobel is a scholar who will talk about John Steinbeck’s stint as a war correspondent during World War II, 6-8pm Tuesday, May 28, at the National Steinbeck Center.
  • Luke Herzog, a senior at Pacific Grove High School as well as an author and playwright, has been named one of 20 recipients of the 2019 U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts. They are talented young people in dance, music, visual arts and writing, selected by the National Young Arts Foundations and a White House commission based on academics, artistry, leadership and community service. Right on, Herzog. 238-1849.
  • At one time, Richard L. Burns was a television and advertising man back in the heyday. Now he’s writing books, like Tales of Our Times. The 87-year-old divulges in a statement that in the book he examines “murder, greed, neglect and lust” and that it’s “told by one who has been in the good and the bad.” What have you been up to, Dick? It’s available at
  • I’m told that there is a May exhibition called Into the Depths at Monterey Museum of Art’s La Mirada building that deserves to be seen. It’s 13 conceptual artists from San Jose State University’s art department based on the subject of plastic and its insidious presence in our natural world.

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