Fired Up

We’ve got some of the highest cost of living and we can’t afford firefighters and police? Where the hell is it all going? (“North County’s fire district lays off firefighters and plans to close a station to cut expenses,” July 4-10.) Margaret Carey Lang | via Facebook

As a North County resident, I see on an almost daily basis the vital role these first responders play. We cannot afford to lose a station. Tragedy awaits in the event of a devastating fire or even a person in distress. Gary Bolen | via Facebook

Teacher is in

It’s not only teachers (“School’s out, but summer school – and other side gigs – have begun for public school teachers,” July 4-10). Pay is lousy in general on the Monterey Peninsula. At least teachers can get a “side hustle” in the summer. Many locals have to work 12 months a year for the same pay as teachers and cannot work somewhere else in the summer to earn more. Yes, it is a problem, but the bigger problem is that nobody wants to pay and a few want to gouge everybody else on rent. J.R. Walker | via Facebook

I remember my teachers in the ’70s working as carpenters, tile setters, sheetrockers and painters during the summer to make extra money. Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Cop Count

When considering the budget and fiscal management, I cannot help but wonder why cities like Sand City and Del Rey Oaks exist in a crowded coastal region of California (“Sand City is bitterly divided over outsourcing its police department,” June 27-July 3). Unlike many rural parts of the country, incorporation of these tiny cities is not by necessity but by egos. Are these cities so different from one another? Or are they trying to be cool and different just to satisfy adult residents’ feelings? Like the police chief said, an organization cannot effectively do its job without a minimum number of its members. There is also an optimal ratio of residents to a government and officers to a department. So why not combine the cities in the area and optimize all of their departments? Tei Takenaka | Salinas

It just doesn’t make sense to describe Sand City as only having 394 residents! We are a business-orientated community and the bulk of the “population” here are business owners, employees, service workers and customers. We need the current police service which gives us a safe, clean community. I have leased property and owned and operated my business here in Sand City for the last nine years. It gives me and my help a secure feeling. When working on a late project into the early morning, I am so thankful when I pass a police cruiser as I leave my business. I think Fred Meurer while, an excellent city manager, does not really understand whowe are. Let’s keep the excellent coverage we have. Charles Williams | via email

Forest for the Trees

Love the in-depth coverage (“As the U.S. Forest Service privatizes public land, questions emerge about the price of access to Big Sur,” July 4-10). Kudos! Greg Hamer | Salinas

Going, Golden, Gone

Congrats to all! We’ve loved the years and years of the local factor, with convenience and great meals from the current the Golden Tee (“New ownership set to drive Monterey Airport’s Golden Tee Restaurant,” posted July 2). Also look forward to what you’ll do with it, Rich Pepe – complete confidence in his knowledge and care of locals, combined with tasty menus. Dani M.Wilcox | via Facebook

Oh no! We better go eat there before they change the menu and the prices!! I am so sad about this. Belyn Domingo Wilson | via Facebook

Oh no! I have such fond memories of this restaurant as it is. My parents used to take me here as a special treat when I was a child. I used to love watching the planes take off. Now my parents have passed and this too will just be a memory. Morgane Moore | via Facebook

My grandma Milly was a waitress at The Golden Tee for many years. I always enjoyed getting that call to come help bus tables when it was real busy or they were short-handed. Great food and great people in the kitchen and on the floor. Chad Sutter | via Facebook

Water Wars

Jody Hansen is confusing the Pure Water Monterey project, which will give us 3,500 acre-feet a year starting this January, with the expansion that Melodie Chrislock’s June 27 letter was addressing (“Letters,” July 4 and June 27). The expansion would give the Peninsula another 2,250 acre-feet and could lift the water moratorium and allow more housing to be built and do so at one-third the cost of desal. Cal Am is holding out for its $6,000-per-acre-foot water. It’s a simple case of corporate greed. Cal Am does not have our community’s interest in mind.

You can weigh in at the Board of Supervisors hearing on July 15 at 10:30am or write a letter to Ask them to look at the Pure Water Monterey expansion alternative.Phil Wellman | Carmel

Laughing Out Loud

It sure seems to me that your comics are very one-sided. There is plenty of material to tease the other side too. How about rounding things out!?! Barbara Sherman | Carmel Valley


The Free Speech column (“The Buzz,” July 4-10) incorrectly stated the subject of a New York Times story that prompted President Donald Trump to tweet the newspaper committed “a virtual act of treason.” It was about cyberattacks by the U.S. against Russia, not by Russia.


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