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The Public Voice Letters To The Editor 12.06.12

The Public Voice

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Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012 12:00 am | Updated: 3:14 pm, Tue Jul 16, 2013.

Air Ball

Whoa. What timing. Don’t know where you were – or where last week’s cover story (“What About Bob,” Nov. 28-Dec. 5) was – when you heard that Andrew Bogut pulled the plug on the Golden State Warriors’ longstanding deception about the nature of his ankle injury.

But I must have the general timing right: that the Warriors were pitching you quotes about a new era of “trust, transparency and communication” even while simultaneously in full-blown deception about the microfracture dimension of Bogut’s “clean-out” surgery last April.

Not assuaged by Bob Myers’ subsequent “apology” either (if it even was an apology). For one thing, I don’t believe Myers when he says that he’s the only one in the Warriors’ organization responsible for the deception. Secondly, it wasn’t a “mistake.” It was a long-term, continuous strategy for continuing to deceive Warriors fans – a strategy only ended when Bogut pulled the plug on it himself.

Hardly the first time for [co-owner Joe] Lacob’s regime either. Last season he successfully misled most fans into thinking that the extortion against Mark Jackson didn’t really involve the Warriors since it was a “mistake” Jackson made… “You know, six years ago, not having anything to do with the Warriors.” But the issue wasn’t adultery. The issue was that while actively coaching the Warriors, Jackson made an extortion payment that he concealed from everyone, including from the Warriors.

Hardly proof or ringing endorsement of “trust, transparency, and communication” when it comes to issues that actually require them. But the cruelest deception?

“Trust us. We’re not deceiving you.” - Chris Lorenc | Big Sur

Ironic Headline

The only thing more depressing than learning that the government and Naval Postgraduate School employs someone as intellectually challenged as Rodrigo Nieto-Gomez is that the Monterey County Weekly would devote a full page to profiling him (“Drug Cartels for Dummies,” Nov. 29-Dec. 5).

His theory is so ludicrous, so maddeningly absurd, that for a moment I was sure I had picked up the latest issue of The Onion and was reading a hilarious parody. I look forward to his next work, What the Boy Scouts Can Learn from the Mob: John Gotti’s 10 Tips for Getting to Eagle Scout Without All That Silly Merit Badge Crap.

The only bright spot in this example of Alice in Wonderland logic run amok was the headline, which turned out to be 10 times more apropos than I’m sure even the writer intended. - Tom Fern | via Web

I found the article on Professor Nieto-Gomez’s work to be pretty disturbing. Do we really need to encourage business and law enforcement entities to learn the trade of “deviant innovators” arising from “a kill or be killed environment?” Isn’t capitalism, “security,” and national politics pretty much already there?

Perhaps this is the type of research that prompted the Navy to proclaim, “Off with their heads!” when they relieved the leadership of NPS from their duties, on the very day this story hit the newsstands. That would be an encouraging development, if true. - Michael Baer | via Web

Meat Makes You Dumb

I was disappointed that your article on the murder of turkeys didn’t choose to promote the healthier, more ecological and humane aspects of veganism (“A community turkey slaughter brings us nose-to-snood with Thanksgiving dinner,” Nov. 21-28).

The greatest intellects of the world are or were vegans. Pythagoras, father of mathematics 2,500 years ago, was also known as the father of veganism. He believed that if humankind participated in eating the flesh of suffering animals we would become a brutal, warlike creature unable to attain superior intelligence, spirituality or full potential of physical attributes.

President Clinton, interviewed on CNN, talks about how his vegan diet saved his life. Going vegan is the number-one action anyone can take to curb climate change, reduce gas consumption so we don’t have to drill in the Wildlife Arctic Refuge or frack for natural gas, or destroy rainforests to provide forage for cattle grazing.

Some of the world’s top athletes are vegans. Now, that would have been an article worth your salt as a news magazine. - Lorna Moffat | Monterey

Rocky II

My husband and I are most unhappy about the impending sale of the Rocky Point, and the new owner’s intention of possibly changing the menu and the “service” (whatever that means) because the food/menu and the current staff are all numero uno (“Rocky Point Restaurant in escrow, potential new owner planning an overhaul,” Nov. 21-28).

We have been going there for close to 40 years because of the obvious awesome ocean view, but even more so for the great food and wonderful staff, all top notch. Please, Mr. Wang, I Implore you, don’t change either.

We love it just as it is, and we will be greatly saddened if Thanksgiving was our last meal there! - John & Kathy | Santa Cruz

Bike-Sharing Showdown

(“TAMC pedals forward with Peninsula bike-sharing service; bike shops balk. What do you think?” posted Nov. 29 to Facebook.)

I feel like a total suicide nut when I ride my bike through town. I’m some what skilled in dodging traffic but others may not be so lucky, and drivers need bikers to have their own lane too. - Michelle Magdalena Maddox | via Facebook

When cyclists pay taxes on their bikes like cars do through registration fees and gas tax and maintain insurance, then they should get their own lane.

Most cyclists that I have observed do not follow the rules of the road. Perhaps they should also have to go through a licensing procedure. Just as driving a vehicle is a privilege, not a right, it is also the same for cyclists. - Judy Earp | via Facebook

No. A bike share program without the necessary bike paths and signs would be suicide. - Michael Baroni | via Facebook

Cyclists want it all. Every trail, every sidewalk, every street. They feel entitled and try to hide their narcissism under the blanket of being green.

That’s why they scream at joggers and little kids on the Rec Trail to move and give middle fingers to drivers.

Cars should be allowed on the Rec Trail since bikes are allowed in the street. - Sandy Guillen | via Facebook

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