Mini cupcake bites from Marina

Mini cheesecakes: Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, indulgence bigenough to fill your sweet spot and imagination.

I have seen—and tasted—the future.

It is mini cheesecakes.

Yes, like the pizza dough tossing world championship coming this month, they are a thing. 

Which is good. And which hopefully means we've successfully survived the cupcake/mini-cupcake/cake pop era.

Melissa Yeater has opened a wrinkle in the taste universe with Cheesecake Dreamations (521-7600) out of Marina.

They're adorable gorgeous golf-ball-sized delicacies that would be too cute to eat if they weren't so eminently edible. She dropped off some samples and I obediently (and professionally) tried six different flavors.

The texture proves admirably light and moist, almost mousselike,  without losing any of the cheesecake indulgence.

"It needs to melt in your mouth," she says. "People tend to like the lighter style—makes them feel less guilty. And you can eat more!"

Each of the flavors I tried—key lime, caramel pecan, marble chocolate, raspberry swirl, strawberry and Oreo—enjoyed an impressive balance of smooth richness and fruit/nut/chocolate zing.

They're available through the Cheesecake Dreamations website or with a call to her Reservation Road HQ (see the number above) for $19 a dozen (includes two flavors)—talk about an easy way to become a pot luck super hero—and a shop is scheduled for the end of the year at the Marina Square shopping center.

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