Steve McShane

Councilman Steve McShane leads the way in fundraising, with about $35,000 in contributions so far this year. 

Nic Coury

Salinas Councilman Steve McShane announced his bid for re-election this afternoon, outlining a platform of public safety and community growth—key areas that helped him win his seat four years ago.

McShane spoke in front of about 40 supporters who gathered on the steps of the National Steinbeck Center in Oldtown Salinas. He was endorsed by Mayor Joe Gunter and former Mayor Dennis Donohue, as well as friends and local business leaders.

The councilman, whose district includes South Salinas and Oldtown, said one of his primary goals is ensuring public safety by adding police officers and firefighters. McShane has been an outspoken proponent of creating a sales tax to fund additional cops.

But because the city can’t rely solely on police, McShane said there also needs to be community growth. In 2010 McShane helped found the Los Olivos - Riker Neighborhood Association, a neighborhood watch group in South Salinas.

“Stronger neighborhoods make up a stronger community,” he said.

He’s also the owner of McShane’s Nursery, and touted his business experience: “You can’t run government like business...but you can apply a business mind and acumen.”

McShane was chair of the Salinas Planning Commission. He has a bachelors degree in soil science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and a master’s in agribusiness from Santa Clara University.

The councilman will be leading a community meeting March 11 regarding the proposed tax for public safety.

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