Remember Ayrton Senna dominating in his McLaren? How about the Porsche 917 that kicked Can Am ass? Maybe the Auto Union Streamliner that hit 248 miles per hour in 1937? OK—probably not that one. For the others (or famous race cars like them) you can turn to YouTube. Or you can see them up close, in person and on a race track. The Monterey Motorsports Reunion brings more than 500 of the world's most important racers, along with famous drivers, veteran engineers and more to Laguna Seca for the annual celebration of speed through history. This year the event also honors 50 years of IMSA sports car racing, so there will be plenty of Lola T600s, Porsche 911s, Riley & Scott MK3s, along with the likes of Hurley Haywood, Scott Pruett and Lyn St. James. There is nothing as big in the annals of motorsports. Cars practice on Thursday and Friday, race on Saturday and Sunday. Ticket packages available. [DF]


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