NOTICE OF AUCTION SALE OF UNPAID MOVING AND STORAGE: In accordance with the provisions of the California Self Service Storage Facility Act Business and Professions Code, Sections 21700-21716, there being due and unpaid rent, storage charges, fees and costs, notice is hereby given that the goods which are stored at Salinas Self Storage, 201 Harrison Road, Salinas, CA 93907 will be sold by unit at a PUBLIC AUCTION by Joe Ward. This sale will take place on 03/12/19 at 09:30 a.m. and any following dates announced at the auction until all the goods are sold or until the Lien is satisfied unless the charges are paid before that time. The property consists of articles of household and business property stored by the following parties: NAME: ARMANDO PEREZ: Coke Machine, Records, Hutches, Fishing Rods, Dollie; CELINE GARD: Totes, Bed, Futon, Boxes, Desk; DAVID ZAMARRIPA: Piano, Ladder, Shelf, Mirror, Totes, Trunk; JUAN CARLOS ALVARADO: Ice Chest, Dresser, BBQ Grill, Bags, Chairs, Kitchen Items; AMBER BRADY: Bicycles, Tool Chest, Shelving, Helmets, Amp, Lights, Boxes; MINERVA CASTILLO: Washer Dryer, Boxes, Door, Sofa, Bed, Refrigerator; MICHELLE NEELY: Golf Clubs, Boom Box, Bicycles, Totes, Boxes, Chairs, Tennis Racquets; RACHEL GATTIS: Stereo, Luggage, Boxes, Safe, Lamp, Bar Stools; GILBERT HERNANDEZ: Ice Chest, Tool Bags, Totes, Old Toy Car, Radio Flyer, Ladder; KATELYN BRYANT: Boxes, Totes, Clothes, Bed Railing, Bed; STEVEE LUSK-YOKOMIZO: Jewelry Box, Clothes, Stroller, Furniture, Car Seat, Vacuum, Bicycle; BOB LERMA: Boxes, Deep Freezer, Boxed Food, Clothing, Totes, Cards. A WARD AUCTION, Joe Ward, Auctioneer, CA Bond # 7580952 & MS1531371, Phone (408) 891-6108. SALINAS SELF STORAGE, Bruce Rodriguez, Manager, Phone (831) 444-8080, 1st publication: 02/28/19, 2nd publication: 03/07/19


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