Artifacts 07.18.19

The Salinas Valley based play La Cortina de la Lechuga: The Lettuce Curtain by Cristal Gonzalez is currently touring the county.

Baktun 12 has got your back, Salinas. And they’re looking out for anyone who wants to know what is going down in the intersection between national politics and local neighborhoods. The Salinas theater troupe is presenting a one-act play, mostly in Spanish, written and directed byCristal Gonzalez, about the California housing crisis and its impact on Salinas Valley farmworkers and their families. It’s called La Cortina de la Lechuga: The Lettuce Curtain. And it’s touring the county, with three remaining dates: 7:30pm Thursday, July 18, at El Cerritos Townhomes in Castroville; 6pm Saturday, July 20, at Teamsters Hall in Salinas; and 6pm Sunday, July 21, at the Breadbox Rec Center in Salinas. It’s free (donations accepted), all ages, and is coming straight outta the community. 310-743-4935,

The Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series is on hiatus. But Henry Miller LibraryDirector Magnus Toren has instituted an interim summer-long film series, the Very Best of Scandanavian Feature Film (or VBSFF). I don’t know much about the roster, but I just Googled “Scandanavian film” to see what would come up. It looks promising. Force Majeure, for instance, was wryly funny and beautifully shot. Maybe Magnus, a Swede and a film lover, has found some gems. The films are 8-10:30pm Thursdays, July 25-Sept. 12 (except Aug. 1).

Scott Strazzante is a San Francisco-based, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist whose work ranges from hard news to sports photography to street photography to fine art. He also does long-term projects. I mean really long. His book Common Ground compiles his photographs of one plot of suburban Chicago land over the course of two decades. He comes to the Center for Photographic Art to speak 4-5pm Saturday, July 20, about his newspaper work and personal projects. Then there’s a reception. Both are free, reserve a spot for the talk.

Ashely Bennett-Stoddard and Emily Randolph are presenting a dual show that revolves around their recent 100 Day Project to “think out of the box.” They began working on their respective projects on April 2 of this year. Bennett-Stoddard takes golf balls that have been discarded into the ocean and repurposes them into sculptures. Randolph’s Echoes is a collection of translucent resin wall sculptures representing nature’s energy, which she created in 100 hours. They present their work 4-7pm Saturday, July 20, at Bennett Sculpture Center in Carmel. 801-648-5364.


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