Artifacts 05.16.19

Guests witness an eye-opening ceremony at the Carmel Sambosa Korean Buddhist temple in Carmel Valley in 2015. The Buddha birthday celebration is 10:30am this Sunday, May 19.

  • CSU Monterey Bay’s Capstone Festival is one of the most under-the-radar local events – at least off campus – but it’s like a showcase of learning from every department at the university. It runs 8:30am-9pm Thursday and 8:30am-5pm Friday, May 16-17, all over campus. See for details.
  • Local playwright Tom Parks wrote and directs Lucky Lindy: A Conversation with Charles Lindbergh. It’s formatted like a 60 Minutes interview, ranging from the aviator’s early triumphs to later stumbles and tragedy. It plays at Carl Cherry Center 7:30pm Friday-Saturday, 2pm Sunday, May 17-June 2. $25. 717-7373.
  • Ben Jealous, former president of the NAACP, gives the spring commencement speech for theMiddlebury Institute of International Studies on Saturday, May 18, on the Colton Hall lawn. The public is welcome.
  • Carmel Sambosa, the first Korean Buddhist temple in the U.S., and its head abbot Dae Man Sunim, invite all to celebrate Buddha’s birthday 10:30am Sunday, May 19, with a traditional religious ceremony, live music and light vegetarian food. You can also walk the temple grounds and see the new meditation center. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, woodsy and meaningful place next to the Carmel River. 624-3686,
  • The young people from Youth Orchestra Salinas ( give an end-of-school-year concert titled Spring Classics – 1:30pm Sunday, May 19, at Hartnell College’s main stage – brimming with music from Brahms, Vivaldi, Grieg, Haydn and others. Student musicians will also speak about what music means to them. Speaking of which…
  • posted a delightful story (and accompanying audio) that’s going viral titled “Child yells ‘wow’ at end of moving Mozart concert in [Boston’s] Symphony Hall and now the orchestra wants to know who he is.” The concert was by the Handel and Haydn Society and the piece was “Masonic Funeral Music.” The story is about the magic alchemy between music and children, you actually should read the comments, and it might remind you of a 2016 Weeklystory, “Toddler exposes issue about kids at classical music concerts.”
  • The Lyceum of Monterey County reports 83 middle school students participated in their 10th annual Model UN, addressing topics like the transition of power in Venezuela and health access for migrants. “They worked collectively to negotiate solutions to world problems,” a press release states. Sounds like these kids might do better than today’s adults.

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