Author Toni Morrison, here with President Barack Obama, died on Aug. 5 at age 88. A documentary about her, Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am, is playing at Osio Theater 6pm daily til Aug. 15, with 12:30pm additional showtimes Saturday and Sunday.

  • Weekly intern Marvin Green attended some of the Steinbeck Festival last Saturday. Here are some highlights of his experience: “Probably the most exciting part for any Steinbeck lover was a chance to sign up to sit in Rocinante, the truck in which he drove across the country [for the book Travels with Charley].” “There was a slight disappointment upon finding out that they would not be screening the Travels with Charley film.” “Those who were in attendance were actively engaged, listening intently and asking perceptive questions when given the opportunity.” Thank you, Marvin. There is no substitute for being there.
  • Speaking of Steinbeck; on Aug. 1, The Daily Beast published a provocative piece titled “Did Novelist John Steinbeck Spy for the CIA in Paris?” It concerns the author’s time in Paris in 1954. Hmmmm.
  • We here at the Weekly are proud of our senior sales executive Diane Glim, and not just because she helps to keep our paychecks from bouncing. She’s long been an advocate of whales and dolphins as a board member of the American Cetacean Society and president of its Monterey chapter. She’s inviting the public to attend the opening screening of the documentarySea of Shadows on Friday evening, Aug. 9, at Osio Theater. It’s about the vaquita porpoise, the world’s smallest marine mammal – and the world’s most endangered. They could, conceivably, become extinct before the film’s one-week run ends. The screening is followed by an informal discussion with ACS folks at a nearby watering hole., for movie times.
  • First Baptist Church of Pacific Grove celebrates its 110th anniversary with a concert featuring soprano Yolanda Mitchell West and guest soprano Leberta Loral, 2pm Saturday, Aug. 10. The church is a beautiful and vintage building overlooking the Monterey Bay, and the singing inside is sure to replicate that beauty.,
  • More than 100 students spent their summer doing research on topics ranging from child development at MY Town pop-up museum in Salinas to the best ways to train undergrads in electrochemistry research, specifically cyclic voltammetry. I’m not even sure what that means, but there’s a chance to learn when they present their findings from 9am-2:15pm at the T&A Library at CSUMB to cap the Summer Research Symposium. Free to attend; 582-4241,,

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