Artifacts 05.30.19

A new 600-foot mural on the wall of Security Public Storage off Highway 101 in Salinas.

  • You’ve heard of the Green New Deal. Well get ready for the Green Green New Deal – now, 20-percent greener! Just kidding. It’s a viewing of the Green Party’s Green New Deal via a pre-tapedJill Stein explaining how the proposal put forth by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lacks elements in theirs, namely the downsizing of the “military industrial complex and the termination of its imperial agenda.” That seems significant. A discussion follows, 7-8:30pm Friday, May 31, at Monterey Peace and Justice Center. 915-6571,
  • Have you heard of the Farmworkers Reality Tour? No, it’s not a traveling music festival. It’s the means by which the Center for Farmworker Families bridges the experiences, meals and living conditions of farmworkers with those who “enjoy the fruits of their hard labor” by letting both parties meet, listen and talk, 3-7pm Saturday, June 2 at the organization’s agroecological farm in Watsonville, the state-run Buena Vista Migrant Camp and the home of a single farmworker mother and her children. (If you can’t make this one, they’re doing it again June 30.) 216-8772,
  • A few issues back we explored the technology of digital satellite transmissions of live events onto movie screens across the country. In particular, theater plays. Well one of the most popular of this type of broadcast was the National Theatre’s 2013 broadcast of The Audience in whichHelen Mirren portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in that Tony-winning production. It’s coming back to movie screens. An award-winning play, originally staged in London, is returning, on your movie theater screen, with bonus footage. And you can have popcorn. Am I the only one who’s kind of marveling at this? 7pm Monday, June 3, at Century Cinemas at Del Monte Center.
  • Whites for Racial Equity brings Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt to the Unitarian Universalist Church 7-8:30pm Tuesday, June 4, to talk about her book Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudices That Shape What We See, Think, and Do. 624-7404,
  • If you haven’t signed up your kid(s) for summer camp, you have options. Very good ones.Western Stage’s SPARK! Theatre Camp is billed as a “fast-paced introduction to performance and technical theater” in which day campers explore 40 acitivites in 15 days with 16 teachers, from sword fighting to costumes to singing and more. Sessions run July 9-27, and cost $150 for one week, $250 for two weeks, $325 for three weeks. 755-6929,

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