Redemption Songs

Blues rocker Shane Dwight’s album A Hundred White Lies has received acclaim from a range of major outlets including USA Today, Guitar World and Living Blues Magazine.

Sin, redemption, temptation, heartache, heartbreak, second chances and humanity’s fallible nature line the walls of Shane Dwight’s new record, No One Loves Me Better. It took about three years for the record to come to fruition, but it finally – and cathartically, for Dwight – arrived in April 2019.

“It was born out of a pretty dark time in my life,” Dwight says. “I had just gone through a divorce, lost some friends, [had] a really bad record deal – all the bad stuff that can happen to you in life. It was born out of that.”

The good news for listeners is that tuning in does not take you to a dark place, though the lyrics do capture some tales of redemption as well as some stories of falling apart. Here’s a taste of Dwight’s impressive new record, song by song.

“No One Loves Me Better” – The country blues title track kicks off the album with arms open to a new muse. “No one turns me on, makes me write silly love songs all night long, but you and only you baby,” Dwight croons.

“She Likes to Ride” – This rowdy blues-fueled tale centers around a blue-eyed “rich girl” from Alabama who’s changed course and become a stripper.

“If You Ain’t The Devil” – Dwight seeks redemption with raucous electric guitar distortion.

“Bullets And Gasoline” – Dwight’s slide guitar blues has the heart of a classic attempted murder song: “All the times that Mama tried, like that old Merle Haggard song.”

“Sucker” – More blues about the perils of love lost. “Cuz I’m a sucker for a pretty girl/ The kind of green-eyed beast that could wreck a boy’s world.”

“Stand Up” – The blues singalong stands on its own on this record. “All you North Cali hippies out there raising plants, see we nationwide, we understand,” Dwight chants.

“White Powder” – Harmonica opens into acoustic slide guitar about the cocaine blues: “And all it took was a little white powder, a green-eyed girl and a fifth.”

“Levy Girl” – This one is about lust taking over your life. Female vocal harmonies dominate this classic bluesy tune about a girl from the Big Easy.

“Shakin” – Dwight’s down and dirty blues relay heavy riffs rounded out by a steamy guitar solo.

“Trial of a Poet” – The foot-stomping acoustic slide guitar instrumentation is reminiscent of old-school bluesmen. An orchestra of percussive instrumentation is led by a rainstick, emulating stormy skies. “I hear he’s coming, coming today,” Dwight sings. “He’s catching a Greyhound bus to a heaven bound plane.”

Shane Dwight 4pm Sunday, June 2. Moss Landing Inn, 7904 Highway 1, Moss Landing. No cover. 633-9803.

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