In step with more definitely different dance and aerobic exercises.

Movers and Shakers: Zumba class at Monterey Sports Center.

Does the tedium of an inclined treadmill make you feel like long-laboring Sisyphus? Does fitness evade you like the temptations of Tantalus? Do allusions to ancient Greek myths make your teeth clench? Well, except for your now-grinding jaw, you are in luck: The Weekly has compiled a list of new and interesting exercises including Zumba and more (with similarly awesome names) to free you from your rut. They might not make you as strong as Hercules or invulnerable as Achilles, but neither will that elliptical trainer.


Think aerobic exercise inspired by several forms of Latin including salsa, mambo and flamenco—fiery fitness for folks who like their workouts spicy. Offered by

MONTEREY SPORTS CENTER | 301 East Franklin St., Monterey. 646-3700 |

For residents, costs are from $5 per class; rates drop when you sign up for more classes. For nonresidents, costs vary from $6.50 to as little as $2 per class when you sign up for 26. Classes scheduled throughout the day, 6am to 8pm weekdays and 8am to 1pm weekends. Drop-ins are $9.50-$10.50. Zumba Extreme happens 8pm Wednesday and 3:45pm Sunday; Zumba classes takes place 10:30am Tuesday and 4:15pm Thursday.

GARDEN HEALTH AND FITNESS | 2000 Garden Road, Monterey | 263536 Carmel Rancho Blvd. , Carmel. 646-0550 |

Classes are held 7pm Monday/scheduled throughout the day and are free with membership.

CARMEL VALLEY ATHLETIC CLUB | 27300 Rancho San Carlos Road, Carmel Valley. 624-2737 |

Classes are scheduled from 5-5:45pm Tuesday and Thursday, 1-2pm Wednesday, and noon-1pm Saturday. Classes are restricted to four participants per group, so signing up beforehand is highly recommended. Free with membership or $29 each.

FITNESS UNLIMITED | 1502 North Main St., Salinas. 975-4233.

Classes are scheduled throughout the day and are available free with membership.


Short for “Both Sides Up,” this trademarked aerobic exercise is combined with balance and stability training using an inflated rubber hemisphere (half a sphere) on which the participant stands while doing the movements. A great training for both the out-of-shape and the unstable (balance-wise, that is). Offered by

ENERGIA | 760 Del Monte Center, Monterey. 642-0222 www.energiabodycentre.comMONTEREY SPORTS CENTER | 301 East Franklin St., Monterey. 646-3700

Small group classes are scheduled throughout the day and are free with membership.


A blend of many different exercise forms including jazz dance, tai chi and yoga, Nia’s movements are all set to music during a varied hour-long, low-impact workout. Participants are mostly barefoot and are encouraged to avoid any movement that causes them discomfort. It’s an eclectic exercise for people who like to work at their own pace.

Offered by

MONTEREY SPORTS CENTER | 301 East Franklin St., Monterey. 646-3700 |


This uses a number of straps and webbing to elevate participants off the ground and enable new exercises using body weight as resistance. There are exercises for all muscle groups, most especially the core muscles such as abdominals and obliques. A special risk of injury may exist for those with joint problems or people who are too weak for the movements.

Offered by

ENERGIA | 760 Del Monte Center, Monterey. 642-0222


A choreographed series of exercises with weights set to a different song for each muscle group, Body Pump is designed for those who want to stop resisting the urge to dance and start dancing with resistance.

Offered by

ENERGIA | 760 Del Monte Center, Monterey. 642-0222

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