True Romance:

If there’s a time and place for everything, then Alan and Sue Duemey feel certain their house on Beach Street in PG is the place, and any time is the time for whatever you may have in mind. It’s less than two blocks from the ocean in a coveted area known as the Beach Tract. What a great start. But that’s only a start, because the water feels even closer when it’s seen from several rooms, most addictively from a solarium where an easy glance up from one’s book fills the eye with sea and shore and sky and light. Alan says he finds himself almost meditating during those gazing moments that lull him away from what he intended to be reading.

The solarium is the crown jewel of a house filled with other precious spaces, and it’s visible through all but the two guest rooms on the same level. (Below is the oversized two-car garage with a work area currently set up for a shop.) If one begins in the kitchen at the opposite end of the house, the solarium can be seen beyond the dining room and the living room, both quite large. It can also be accessed via the master bedroom tucked off to one side. Nevertheless, the solarium is the most private room in the house. Hmmm, how so indeed.

Elegant shoji screens (using etched glass panels) mounted within cherry wood runners slide across the width of both the living room and the master.  By isolating the solarium from all else, it becomes a place momentarily out of time and into serenity. Two walls of windows meet at right angles like the bow of a ship so they focus one’s attention on the ocean that never fails to cast the magic spell of either tranquility or excitement. It’s a win/win view.

The kitchen is uniquely designed to allow for an almost circular flow as well as a large dining area against big windows. Imported Italian honey colored wood cabinets are striated by the individually inlaid boards and polished to a glowing luster not seen in even remodeled American kitchens. They are the ideal support for anthracite granite counters and for the glass top of the room divider so thick it reads as a tropical green. The effect is a showstopper, nothing less than has come to be expected from Italian design and materials wherever employed, but especially so by how these complement the whole of the Duemey’s home.

Many of the floors in the house are warm Caribbean cherry wood that support the open plan with strong and subtle assurance. It’s fun to stand by the Carmel stone fireplace between the living room and dining room and see the span of the house sweeping between the solarium and the kitchen across all the lovely wood.

Another of the special spaces in the Duemey’s house is their two-tiered sun deck. One level is on the other side of the dining area windows in the kitchen; as one walks along it looking at the ocean, stairs eventually lead down to a secluded level, rounded in sun-warmed wood and encompassed by thick hedges. The sea can always be heard (from any open window in the house) even when it can’t be seen, such as when one is lounging privately on the lower deck.

“We find it a very romantic house,” Al winks. “Especially when the shoji screens are closed.”

Price: $2,100,000. 40 Beach St., Pacific Grove • Contact Peggy Jones, The Jones Group Coast and Country Real Estate, 917-4534.


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