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Posted: Thursday, May 28, 1998 12:00 am | Updated: 3:20 am, Sat May 18, 2013.

1. Name, age, occupation, number of years in the district.

2. How much do you plan to raise & spend? Is there anyone you would refuse to accept money from?

3. Should Monterey Peninsula College have exclusive use of the East Garrison at Fort Ord?

4. How is welfare reform working? What, if anything, needs changing?

5. Do you support national education standards?

6. Would you extend the federal deadline for methyl bromide use beyond Jan. 1, 2001?

7. Should the number of legal immigrants allowed into the US each year be lowered?

8. Why are you the best candidate for this office?

Mark Cares

1. 28, Republican

Cook, 2 years in the district

2. I cannot say until after the primary how much $ I will need to spend. Won't refuse money from anyone.

3. All livable structures should be sold to the public for middle & lower income housing. All other buildings should be sold to the adjacent cities, to be used for their choice of commercial & residential development. This would alleviate Peninsula housing & job shortages.

4. Welfare reform is working slowly. It is presently being sabotaged by those in government who are allowing the recruitment of foreign technical workers. By allowing this to occur, opportunities for local underprivileged youths to get off welfare will be denied.

5. National education standards are needed, however government can not mandate how they are to be achieved.

6. No. Farmers grew strawberries for decades without it.

7. Immigration needs to be lowered. Eventually we will reach a point where the environment is stressed beyond its limits, & we will all suffer.

8. I am not a lawyer. I am a cook. I am young, a fighter, & honest. I do not have a personal or family fortune. There are a thousand other reasons, I hope that you find one & hold on to it.

E. Craig Coffin

1. 49, Green Party (Write-in)

Homemaker/ Gardener/Political Coordinator

Born in district

2. I do not plan to raise & spend any money. I am not for sale.

3. We should involve MPC in making the East Garrison an organic farming & cultural center. Fort Ord can be a model for sustainable, community-based economics & water & power conservation practices. The Army & the Democrats must first "come clean" on clean up.

4. The Clinton/Gingrich welfare scheme is serving its corporate sponsors by perpetuating economic insecurity among working people, which cheapens labor & solidifies centralized economic & political control. Concurrent job creation & day care are not provided. The government needs changing.

5. We should restructure social planning & institutions holistically, with our public education system central to all & policy originating from frontline workers. If teachers agree, national standards would help them overcome inequities. We should facilitate their efforts to devise & apply them.

6. No. Methyl bromide is a deadly nerve gas which endangers the health of farm workers, residents & consumers. Technology & methodological alternatives already exist. Our current Congressman's record of support for the poison betrays our trust.

7. No. We should abolish transnational corporate plunder, which feeds upon the poverty it creates. Replace NAFTA, GATT, Fast Track & the Republicratic duopoly with democratic transnational unions, political parties like the Green Party.

8. I have familiarized myself with the people of the district & demonstrated unselfish commitment to improving their conditions. The Green Party has established relationships with a broad diversity of organizations.

Art Dunn

1. 74, Democrat

Small Business Owner

35 years in district

2. Less than $50,000. I refuse PAC money.

3. We should keep our options open to others who might also contribute to the positive development of the area.

4. Not too well. Many people are getting hurt, including children. Downsizing & layoffs are the order of the day. Where are the jobs for these folks? We need to reorganize the federal reserve system to promote production & improve infrastructure & industry & jobs.

5. I prefer state standards. National leaders could make suggestions but not dictate standards.

6. Yes, because I would like to continue to eat.

7. No. Immigrants have contributed much to the development of our country. Today we need computer engineers from India, as well as other good workers, to remain competitive in world markets. Legal immigrants make good citizens.

8. 35 years of owning & operating a small telecommunications company in Monterey & meeting payrolls in good times & bad gives me the real world experience that few members of Congress possess, including the incumbent.

Sam Farr

1. 56, Democrat

US Congressman

50 years in the district

2. I anticipate raising approximately $400,000 in this campaign & spending a similar amount. I do not accept contributions from tobacco interests.

3. The East Garrison ought to be conveyed in a manner that meets local re-use needs as determined by locally elected officials. I support a multiple-use scenario, including a police training site, as well as other community-based uses.

4. Many welfare recipients have returned to paid jobs, that's the good news. However, lack of child care, limited transportation, sketchy education & training & problems accessing health care still create difficult coping situations. These-if corrected-could make welfare reform a true success.

5. No. But I do support goals in education that guarantee that children across the nation graduate from school with basic skills of reading, writing & simple deduction.

6. Not at this time. I am supporting alternatives research & best management practices.

7. The number of legal immigrants should be adjusted each year in order to take into account the needs of our nation, especially with regard to specialty categories like scientists, engineers or farm workers.

8. I bring broad experience to this position, proven leadership, a dedication to public service & a desire to maintain the quality of life we enjoy here on the Central Coast.

Rick Garrett


Candidate did not return questionnaire

Scott Hartley

1. 48, Natural Law Party

Software Developer

4 years in Santa Cruz area

2. I don't anticipate raising money & will spend only about $1,000 from personal funds. Pledged not to accept funds from PACs or corporations.

3. MPC's use plan is a reasonable one, far advanced in the application process & we should let them go ahead. Commercial development would be less compatible with neighboring CSUMB & less friendly to the scenic coastline that draws tourists to our area.

4. The results of welfare reform look a lot better than they would in any other phase of the business cycle, but that's still not good enough. Rather than pushing people off welfare with deadlines, we should pull them off by creating more good jobs.

5. Yes, but I don't want to see a $100 million spent to develop yet another standardized test. Examine existing tests & create an approved list. School districts could pick what worked best locally.

6. No more repeals for methyl bromide. But we can't hang our farmers out to dry either. Government has promoted agro-chemical technology. Now it's time to support a smooth transition to sustainable agriculture, using the 2001 deadline as a challenge.

7. Practical experience shows we can't control immigration with punitive regulation. If we promote grassroots prosperity & human rights, we'll ease that pressure, cultivate markets for American products & safeguard jobs at home.

8. Vision & independence make me the best candidate to represent this district. I am the first candidate to acknowledge that taking private campaign contributions inevitably creates a conflict of interest. This is a crime against democracy.

Bill McCampbell

1. 53, Republican

Small Business Owner

13 years in the district

2. Will raise as much as is needed I don't accept special interest money or even money from the Republican party.

3. This question might assume I agree with the Fort Ord Master Plan. I don't. Instead we should have a different plan which demonstrates a new vision from protecting the environment & village of learning. Our architect has drawn such a plan.

4. Regarding welfare, we should set 3 goals. 1) Build on some of the successful child-care models, 2) Encourage training by creating more "cutting edge" trade & professional schools for lifelong learning, & 3) create job apprenticeship programs in our high schools.

5. We should set a goal of helping every 3rd grader read, write & speak before passed into the 4th grade & to help every 4th grader do math, including multiplication tables at the 4th grade level. These are priorities that don't need national standards.

6. Methyl bromide is a temporary solution. An alternative needs to be found at once. Extending the date should not be inflexible if all parties are working responsibly to find solutions.

7. Our goal should be to encourage legal immigration. Of concern are allegations that legal immigration rules are being exploited such as through hiring foreign high-tech workers when qualified Americans are available.

8. Every working American can have $1 million in their Social Security account at retirement instead of nothing. Under my plan, workers would send 10% of their wages each month to their own personal account rather than to the IRS.

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