The Weekly Tally 05.21.20


In Commack, New York, television reporter Kevin Vesey set out on May 14 to cover a protest against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s continuing shelter-in-place order for his state. It’s in conservative Suffolk County, and as an eight-year veteran of the News 12 Long Island Station, Vesey knew it. He says he’s had numerous positive interactions with people there. It was a shock, then, when in the course of covering the protest, protesters were filmed calling Vesey “the enemy of the people” and “disgusting.” They chanted “fake news is not essential” at him and got in his face, not wearing masks, as he filmed the scene. One protester held a sign reading “Hang Fauci, hang Gates, open up all our states,” in reference to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and continuing shelter orders in many places. Here’s how Vesey showed he’s a class act, though: On May 17, he went on camera with the organizer of the protest, who apologized to him on social media and said in person that he didn’t care for the way some of the protesters had treated him. But President Donald Trump sided with the loud aggressors, tweeting, “FAKE NEWS IS NOT ESSENTIAL” at Vesey.


“Only you can pull off tie-dye!” 
--A woman, herself wearing a tie-dye shirt, speaking to a man wearing a tie-dye shirt on Cypress Avenue in Pacific Grove



Alex, I’ll take Local Brainiacs for $200. Clue: This Seaside woman teaches 11th and 12th grade English at Pacific Grove High School. Answer: Who is Jenna Hall? Starting on May 25, Ms. Hall will compete in the 2020 JEOPARDY! Teachers Tournament, which will feature 15 teachers from across the U.S. The tournament was filmed in February, soon before the pandemic, and it will last for 10 days, airing on your television. The teachers will compete for a grand prize of $100,000, and the winner will appear in the upcoming edition of Tournament of Champions. “This tournament was created because JEOPARDY! is committed to showing appreciation for our teachers, and this year’s edition carries even more significance as educators everywhere face a whole new set of challenges,” host Alex Trebek said in a statement.


Farmworkers and their families are getting an assist this week to ease pandemic burdens. More than 2,000 dinners were distributed in Greenfield on May 19 in a joint effort by United Farm Workers and World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit founded by Chef José Andrés to feed people after disasters that’s served more than 6.5 million fresh meals in the U.S. during Covid-19. The meals in Greenfield were prepared by local restaurants and handed out by drive-through. A separate effort is bringing 40,000 cloth face coverings to families, thanks to Anne Irvine, a medical resident at Natividad. Apron manufacturer Hedley & Bennett donated the masks. Irvine partnered with Project PPE for the Central CoastCenter for Community AdvocacyCalifornia Rural Legal AssistanceUFW and Lideres Campesinas for distribution.

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