The Weekly Tally 02.01.18


Fifty years ago, technology in the schools meant reel-to-reel movie projectors, film strips and those clunky overhead projectors. Today teachers and students are using iPads along with an army of apps, SMART Boards and more, with virtual reality not far behind. Making sense of it all this week is the 2018 Teaching With Technology Conferencepresented by the California League of Schools. This year’s theme is “Technology With a Purpose: Creating Lifelong Learners.” Speakers include Indiana teacher and bloggerMatt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your ClassroomMonica Martinez, the Latin America regional director for EdTechTeam, an international education training company, will share how to look past the tech tools and launch students into a lifetime of learning.

Fri-Sun Feb. 2-4, Marriott, 350 Calle Principal, Monterey. $309/members; $369/non-members.


In December, Kim Stemler publicly spoke out about allegations of sexual harassment by Carmel Mayor Steve Dallas. City Attorney Glen Mozingo announced Jan. 9 that the city had hired an investigator to look into it. The Weekly had already filed a California Public Records Act Dec. 27 request seeking the contract with an investigator. The city denied that request, based on an exemption in the CPRA that allows government agencies to withold documents under attorney-client privilege. So we tried a different way; instead of asking for the contract, we asked basic questions by email: “Who is the investigator? What are they being paid, and over what time period?” The city again cited the CPRA, claiming attorney-client privilege as the reason they wouldn’t answer. “It’s interesting the only way you can get them to reply to you is when they treat your request as a CPRA request,” says Nikki Moore, general counsel for the California News Publishers Association. “They don’t feel they have a duty as a governing agency to get back to you.”



It was a good week for a neighborhood that has long been in need of a serious cleanup. The area north of Marina along Lapis Road had become a de facto RV park where people would sleep – but without the amenities of a legit RV park. (There was chronic trash dumping along the side of the road.) Marina resident Mike Owen recently launched an Adopt-a-Road program, and 16 volunteers showed up on Jan. 28. Their original plan was to clean up Lapis Road, but the Monterey Regional Waste Management Districtand GreenWaste Recovery beat them to it, donating dumpsters and waiving fees for county workers who hauled off two dumpsters’ worth of trash. Property owners ofSandhill Ranch (formerly called Armstrong Ranch) got in on the action, deploying workers to clean up along Del Monte Boulevard. The volunteers collected 276 pounds of trash along the bike path near Lapis Road.


Just when Assemblymember Anna Caballero, D-Salinas, was flying high because Luis Alejo, her would-be competitor for the 2018 race for State Senate, decided not to run, bad news came in another form this week: a failing score and “Hall of Shame” status on the third annual People’s Report Card of California. The Courage Score methodology looks at how lawmakers voted on a number of bills prioritized by progressive groups across the state. (The report card is compiled by Courage Campaign and Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.) Caballero earned an F for no votes on several bills, including SB 394, which allows people convicted of life without parole before turning 18 to have a parole hearing, and AB 424, which makes it illegal to possess guns in a school zone. Both bills passed and were signed into law.

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