Remember when they said if shelter-in-place worked, we would all get angry and be in upheaval. Well, here we are. Shelter-in-place worked/s (“Golf and construction are coming back under new shelter-in-place order that ends on May 31,” posted May 2).

The slow opening is a much better way to go instead of opening everything up within a week like Georgia. Once you are open, it is a lot harder to shut things down again. No one wants that at all. I think both “sides” can agree at least on that. Melanie Lawlor Cooper | via Facebook

Anything that saves lives is a good thing. I know some people hate this, but I’m not going to risk the lives of my family for stupidity. Cyndi Olvera | via Facebook

Thank god golf has been saved, said sarcastically (especially at $425 a round). Chris Caffrey | via Facebook

Golf? How is golf essential? Nicole Black | via Facebook

It’s mind-boggling to read the posts about “rich golfers” getting preferential treatment. I am retired on a fixed income. I golf at municipal courses taking advantage of my senior discount whenever possible. Please stop this hatred and vitriol against people getting exercise while abiding by STRICT and ENFORCED social distancing guidelines. I’m sorry you can’t get a tattoo or a “cut and color” yet. It’s coming, but you’ll have to wait just as I did. Gary Bolen | via Facebook

Phase up faster. If masks are supposed to make us safe in Target, Safeway and Whole Foods they can also make us safe at all other businesses. Billy Cox | via Facebook

Masks make people safer, but not immortal. It’s a numbers game. Just because your car has an airbag doesn’t mean it’s time to drive like you’re in a bumper car. Peter Sitterly | via Facebook

Small businesses are withering away while the rich and privileged get to go and play golf and live their leisurely lives. Why aren’t the parks open for the children to play? So much is wrong in this trifling approach. There’s too much overreach nationally. We are not morons. Quarantining is for people that are actually sick. Lockdown is a tyrannical form of control of those that are not. Our children and young people are suffering the most. They need to be back in school, they need to be back amongst their peers. Linda Ann Stillabower | via Facebook

There are thousands of people at Costco every day. If this virus was as serious as they say, it would be taking out hordes of grocery shoppers. Yet, the hospitals are dead empty. Reopen America and make it great again! The people who want to self isolate can continue to do so.Adam Strickfaden | via Facebook

I am appalled that golf courses are open. They are NOT an essential business. Exercise at home, walk on your own property or down the block. As for beaches, it has already been proven that people are NOT social distancing, since the public has been required to.

As to restaurants opening up, give me a break. I have heard, “I miss going out to eat” or “I’m going stir crazy.” I say, grow up. This situation is not about you, it is about all of us, and we want to be safe and healthy. Wake up and smell your home-brewed coffee. You are putting yourselves and others at risk. Sharon Miles | Carmel Valley

First Amendment

Explain to me how standing around with a bunch of signs and putting yourself and others at risk is going to change anything? (“Dozens gather in Monterey to protest California’s shelter-at-home order,” posted May 1.)

If you’re upset, contact your local officials, write to the state, make yourself heard! But please, follow the lawful ordinances in place so things can slowly return to normal sooner rather than later. Mackenzie Miller | via Facebook

Freedom is also having the right to live and not be subjected to a killer virus that has taken over 50,000 people’s lives in less than two months. Cheli Flores | via Facebook

Every time people go out and ignore the guidance about social distancing, they are adding to the time before anything can reopen. That means they’re making it HARDER for businesses and workers. The hypocrisy is repugnant. And anyone silly enough to call this an endless lockdown has a severely limited understanding of what endless means. If you want it over, stay home.Cathy Andrews | via Facebook

Water Drop

The majority of the board of Monterey One Water provided a spectacle of poor governance (“Desalination proponents mark a win against alternative water recycling project,” posted April 28). By one vote, they refused to certify the recycled water expansion project, a much-needed backup water source in the event Cal Am’s desal does not get built. This vote had nothing to do with the merits of the [supplemental environmental impact report], and everything to do with political maneuvers.

Chair Ron Stefani is also chair of the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency but he refused to consider that he might have a conflict of interest. [County Supervisor/board member] John Phillips dominated the meeting with disrespect for staff and opposing board members. He led the charge to deny Marina Coast Water District its rightful additional vote, based on its increase in population.

Hopefully, the board will consult with legal counsel and reverse these actions at its next meeting. Beverly G. Bean | Corral de Tierra

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