Tucked In

Thank you for reporting on this (“The Tuck Box owner dares district attorney to arrest him as his restaurant becomes rallying point,” posted May 16). We drove past on Saturday en route to pick up our takeaway from a different cafe, and we were shocked to see people patio dining here. The Tuck Box is on my will-never visit list. Incredibly irresponsible and selfish of them.Ashley Edge | via Instagram

Makes it a pretty easy decision to never eat there again. Clearly he not only believes he’s above the law, but thinks that his “God-given right” to sell scones is more important than my God-given right to continue to live (“The Tuck Box owner is cited for violating county’s shelter-in-place order by offering dine-in service,” posted May 14). Gary Bolen | via Facebook

The owner of The Tuck Box appears to have declared that it is his constitutional right to put his staff (and their families) and his patrons/customers (and their families) at significantly increased risk of contracting a potentially fatal disease, rather than applying for PPP governmental assistance. Gwendel Yee | via Facebook

Concerned citizens should’ve set up a GoFundMe account to help cover his losses and employees’ losses rather than rallying money for legal fees. Then he could have stayed closed and waited it out like every other restaurant and shop that has had to close. He had options to keep his business going within compliance. Christine Brockman | via Facebook

First place I’m going for lunch is The Tuck Box! Keep up the good fight! Robin Shaw | via Facebook

We are all adults and we can decide how careful we all should need to be. If you are scared, stay home! Leave that poor man and his cute little business alone!! Stephanie Belier | via Instagram

I will be going to support him. All you naysayers just stay home, then you are not at risk. Wayne Scholes | via Facebook

Gotta hand it to The Tuck Box. They may have mediocre food, a boring crowd that hangs there and, let’s be real, it hasn’t really been good since it was a solid tea house in the ’90s. However, now they’ve got everyone talking about them and conservative kooks flocking to their establishment. Katie Savage | via Facebook

Forget this guy. He is getting way too much free press. Go to the Cottage Of Sweets and buy candy!!! They’re open and, candy!! Ruby B. Moore | via Instagram

Retail Mix

Thank you, Monterey County Weekly, for giving small local businesses a voice so they can share their story. It’s the story that a lot of us share (“The door opens – slightly – for retail stores under Gov. Newsom’s phased reopening plan,” May 14-20). Smalley’s Roundup | Salinas | via Instagram

I love reading how creative business owners have been! Eco Carmel | Carmel | via Instagram

Mia Cruz is a strong, resilient, powerful, smart, stylish business owner! She’s a role model for so many and has affected so many lives in such amazing ways. Paige Colijn | via Instagram

Dorm Rooms

The timing isn’t great, but the idea is! (“MIIS cleared to convert downtown Monterey office building into a student dorm,” May 14-20). Linda Wahlig | via Facebook

Great repurposing for desperately needed housing. Margaret Carey Lang | via Facebook

See and Be Seen

It is a highlight of my shelter-at-home days to see the amazing photographs published in theWeekly’s daily update (“Etc. Photo,” Monterey County NOW). I am completely blown away by the many talented artists in our county who are sharing their “views” with your readers, from the stunning scenery we are blessed with to yesterday’s cement wall, wow, they just take my breath away! Thank you, thank you one and all. Melissa Manke de Olvera | Carmel Valley

This is the most beautiful photo of the Little Sur River (“Etc. Photo,” posted May 18). Thank you so much. Karen Ferlito | Carmel

Jazz Hands

Wait. That’s like four months away – canceling a festival four months away! (“Monterey Jazz Festival, scheduled for September, is canceled due to Covid-19,” posted May 14.) Ashley Marie Hernandez | via Facebook

2020 is the year that didn’t exist. Dallas Shake | via Facebook

Helping Hands

Thank you for the wonderful news about how we are locally supporting farmworkers on the Central Coast (“Monterey County NOW,” sent May 17). Some good news is welcome relief at a time like this. Tracy Valleau | via email

Ready for Landing

Congratulations to Jim Sanders on the acceptance of his Small Air Forces Observer into the archives of the Smithsonian Institution (“Good Week,” May 7-13). Between 2000-18, I saw his dedication to SAFO when he brought it to me when I was a clerk at the Carmel Valley Post Office four times a year to mail it to his subscribers. Most went via bulk mail to in-country addresses. But he sent 100-plus first class mail to his international subscribers, which took more than an hour to process while Jim waited patiently. The Smithsonian is lucky to get such a finely produced publication. Sue Spence | East Garrison

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