Shots in the Dark

This article left the unfortunate impression that Monterey Bay Charter School is not striving for compliance with “herd immunity” as it relates to immunizations (“Measles outbreaks and new laws make vaccinating students a public health priority,” May 9-15). Our school is compliant with both our school policies and state law. We take the health and safety of our students and families seriously.

It is unfortunate that the Monterey County Weekly edited out the school’s current immunization rate, which is 92 percent. This figure translates into 8 percent of kindergarten families who have provided the school with a medical exemption, which is permitted under state law. While we are not at the state target of 95 percent for “herd immunity” it is significant growth over the 2017-18 rate and we will continue educating our families while maintaining our strict compliance. As families become more educated about the benefits of immunizations and recognize that school exclusion is the consequence for non-compliance, our rates have significantly improved and we expect this trend to continue. Cassandra Bridge | via email

Editor’s note: Bridge is the director of Monterey Bay Charter School. The Weekly published a table showing 2017-18 figures, when the school’s immunization rate was 76.5 percent.

“Dr. Douglas Hulstedt says the medical community has turned a ‘blind and dumb eye’ toward vaccinations, which Hulstedt believes cause autism. That belief is not shared by major medical and autism organizations, which state overwhelming scientific research shows vaccinations do not cause autism.”

This, alone, is proof this doctor is a quack. He believes they cause autism – and it’s been proven by SCIENCE that it doesn’t. Why would you want this man caring for your children?!?!? Robin Chalone | via Facebook

Sorry Dr. Hulstedt, I don’t agree with you. It’s in the best interest of our children and community as a whole to be vaccinated. Jennifer Stone | via Facebook

This guy should have his medical license revoked. He was my kid’s pediatrician until he showed me the delayed vaccination schedule, and I pulled my son from his care immediately. Why are you giving a quack this kind of platform with all of the damage that anti-vaxxers have done?Brittney Vaughn | via Facebook

Eat, Pay, Love

Yes, they do (“Burning Question: Do cashless restaurants discriminate against the poor?” posted May 10). C.J. Hernández | via Facebook

Expensive restaurants discriminate against the poor also. Eric Sustaita | via Facebook

I will not eat a restaurant that will not take cash. Shirley Graham-Suneson | via Facebook

It is discrimination but probably not in the legal sense. I once was told by a doctor’s office they didn’t “take” my regular mainstream medical insurance. I said, you won’t take their money? What business thinks it’s smart to refuse money? Susan Glick | via Facebook

Businesses should prefer cash because credit card processing companies take a percentage of every charge. Businesses that don’t accept cash are losing money. Julie Pierce King | via Facebook

I think the incentive is cashless businesses are not going to lose revenue because of employee theft or robbery. I would find it odd if my cash (marked legal tender) and my purchase were refused. There are people that don’t have credit or debit cards and they could definitely feel discriminated against. When I was just starting out and a single mother I didn’t have either, but I worked as hard for my money as everyone else. I would have found it embarrassing to be refused service, especially in front of my child. Julie Davis-Bryan | via Facebook

Fired Up

How about allowing more local beaches to have fires, so there’s not a congestion of fires on one small beach (“Pressure is on Carmel City Council to ban wood-burning beach fires in favor of propane,” May 2-8; “The push for propane-only fires on Carmel Beach leads the way – for now,” posted May 10). Cheryl Robinson | Prunedale

Somebody will bring a propane tank and blow themselves up and they will just ban fires at the beach period. Keep it wood. Jose Jimenez | via Facebook

Tradition? We know now that this tradition is unhealthy, creates a huge mess and pollutes the air. We live in a tinderbox of a state and people want fires because of tradition? Yes, it’s that bad. No one has even mentioned all the garbage left behind and the smoldering fires (and burnt paws and feet) the next morning.

It’s a public health hazard and a safety issue. Like many other things we stupidly did in the past (no seat belts, no helmets, smoking cigarettes, etc.), it’s time for this tradition to end. Ellen Beck | via Facebook

Sad end to a more than 100-year-old historic tradition. Driven by a vocal minority, many of whom are recent transplants to the area. The silent majority gets run over again. There is demonstrably no air quality problem with the pilot program. Bet you that the same advocates who used air quality as an excuse to discourage visitors to the beach won’t apply the same standard to the 200 or so chimneys and unknown numbers of barbecues, pizza ovens and outdoor fireplaces on the homes within two blocks of the existing beach fire zone. They won’t want to tick off their privileged neighbors, only restrict and discourage the general public coming to “their” public beach. Kevan Urquhart | Carmel


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