Cops and Coffers

This is a tremendous piece of journalism, a reminder of what local newspapers can and should be doing regularly. Five stars (“Sand City is bitterly divided over outsourcing its police department,” June 27-July 3). Royal Calkins | via Facebook

To echo Royal Calkins, this is a great piece of investigative journalism. One takeaway I get is cities like Sand City and Del Rey Oaks should not exist as independent entities. They are too small and not economically diverse enough to sustain themselves. The two cities were created by legislative fiat decades ago and if you tried to create these two entities today, they would never pass muster. The fact that Sand City has an $850,000 hole in its budget shows the city is too small for its own PD because it is not possible for a town of less than 400 residents to be economically sustainable. Del Rey Oaks is in much the same shape; every few years they face fiscal armageddon and they run to the voters to approve taxes to keep the town afloat until the next crisis appears. Sand City should unincorporate and petition for annexation to Seaside. DRO should do the same and join Monterey. Mark Carbonaro | via Facebook

Many small cities have proven that with similar resources one can have a drastically better outcome with direct community support by abolishing the police department and investing in programs for the actual residents there. Shanneen Kirkpatrick | via Facebook

As a Sand City resident, I’m happy to see our police force plentiful. Would I want it to be like Seaside where a murder happened just weeks ago? No thanks. I sleep peacefully knowing our city is well patrolled. Michael Green | via Facebook

They should close this down and have the sheriff or a nearby police department cover the area. They can arrange a payment. Sand City is too small for its own department. Cut cost and bureaucracy. Erich Lehmann | via Facebook

I’m hopeful Seaside and Sand City could work out a collaborative police deal. It’s time to bury the past and work together for the future of the Peninsula! LisAnne Sawhney | via Facebook

ICE-y Chill

Not so long ago they were eager and willing to hire illegal workers off the street corners, it happened every day for decades (“Fear of ICE raids turns the county’s crop report into a conversation on immigration,” June 27-July 3). At least until the UFW formed and people took notice of the terrible conditions the workers were living in and how they were treated. Now that the farmers are taking a hit, do you suppose they will rethink supporting Trump? There was a time when most farmers were Democrats. Chad Sutter | via Facebook

Automation is on the way. Robert Shannon Craig | via Facebook

Try paying them more money, health care and decent housing. Chris Caffrey | via Facebook

Guest worker program similar to braceros should be revived. Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Watered Down

Melodie Chrislock, Public Water Now’s managing director, continues to miss the point of why the desalination plant is the critical component for sustainability in the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project’s portfolio (“Letters,” June 27-July 3). The reason is because there has been a moratorium in place on the Monterey Peninsula for more than a decade that restricts water hookups. While the recycled water from the Pure Water Monterey project in annual volume appears to be sufficient to meet our needs, actually there would be estimated deficits of 615 acre-feet, which is equivalent to 6.3 millions of gallons per day per month in July/August.

The California Public Utilities Commission’s environmental impact report agreed that Pure Water Monterey’s project did not provide a drought-proof, sustainable water supply. Only desalinated water meets the sustainability requirements to end the water moratorium and allow more housing to be built again. Let’s face it – we need more housing affordability, and we need a sustainable water supply to get it done. Jody Hansen | Carmel

Just the Tips

This explains a lot: “The only positions open to newly freed blacks not consigned to sharecropping were service positions. And businesses quickly learned they could pay little or nothing, forcing black people to work for tips” (“Burning Question: What’s up with all these suggested tip amounts?” posted June 28). Kelly Shaddox | via Facebook

Europe doesn’t tip. Thanks for the history lesson, well done. I think a fair wage with benefits should end tipping! Karen O’Neal | via Facebook

Remember to Vote

I do hope the media covers this whole situation thoroughly and clearly (“State Senate candidate Neil Kitchens pleads not guilty to felony charges of election fraud,” posted June 27). From what I’ve read it appears that this guy lied about his residence and should be jailed. We’ll see. Robert W. Coble | via Facebook

Over Head

Great shot! Blessed to live here (“Monterey Peninsula is seen from a plane on June 27, 2019,” posted to Instagram). Julia Dominguez | via Instagram

Beautiful picture. But that housing project ruins the landscape from air and on the ground (“Seaside and Sand City seen from a plane on June 27, 2019,” posted to Instagram). Sue Crampton | via Instagram


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