Hallelujah (“After years of cleanup, Fort Ord lands slated for reuse have been cleared of munitions,” May 2-8). Now, no more stalling. Let’s get some affordable housing built. Now! Let’s go! argaret Carey Lang | via Facebook

Fantastic. Bike and dog time. Shanneen Kirkpatrick | via Facebook

Wow!! I can’t believe they’re finally done! Heather O’Donnell | via Facebook

When does the other half of the National Monument open up? Eric Palmer | via Facebook

When the cleanup is REALLY done. The headline is a bit misleading as the article stated that the part of Fort Ord in the National Monument isn’t finished with the cleanup. Evan Lynch | via Facebook

School Night

I saw the signing bonuses, but the super-high teacher turnaround means that the place would most likely be a bad place to teach (“Greenfield Union feels the pinch of a staff shortage with more than 20 resignations,” May 2-8). Cesar Chavez | via Facebook

Work For It

This shortage of workers wouldn’t have happened if they had come in legally (“The shortage of agricultural workers continues to challenge California farmers,” posted May 3). Shirley Graham-Suneson | via Facebook

More reason to mechanize. Mike Holland | via Facebook

The bracero program was a series of laws and diplomatic agreements, initiated on Aug. 4, 1942, when the United States signed the Mexican Farm Labor Agreement with Mexico. Congress could have created a guest worker program at any time. Most other countries utilize guest workers without granting permanent residency status. Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Nowhere do you mention the wages. As a local who sought out the coveted “picking jobs” during summers, weekends and breaks in my youth, I’d like to know. Often the picking jobs were hard to break into because they paid more than minimum wage in the ’80s. Almost twice as much. This information would be great context. Joe Divar | via Facebook

Water Wars

It seems the appointment of Dave Potter to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District board by a majority vote of Peninsula mayors is considered lawful by those who participated (“After controversy over appointment to Water Management District, proposed revote fails,” posted May 3). However, there is one law that is absolutely clear as to the process for voting. Sadly, this law has never been followed. The 1979 enabling statute that created the MPWMD specifies that the selection of a person to represent the six Peninsula cities will be done by a vote only of those six cities. The county committee has 12 members from all county cities, but the committee as a whole has no authority to involve itself in voting or considering the appointment of a person to the district board. But they just did that very thing.

Expressing worry about Potter – a controversial man, to be sure, but one with much positive potential if he chooses to go that direction – is understandable. But more importantly, the law that specifies how a representative for the Peninsula cities has been overlooked by mayors, county attorneys and the media, leading to a process that is a violation of law. Bill Hood | Columbus, Ohio and Carmel

Over 50,000 residents from the Peninsula, Marina and Ord communities oppose the Cal Am slant well desalination project (“Squid wishes Marina and Cal Am officials could drink from the same cup,” posted May 6). Our voices, along with the city of Marina and Marina Coast Water District, have been overshadowed by political maneuvering, the power and influence of a for-profit corporation with support of public agencies that have commandeered truth and facts. The California Public Utilities Commission approved the environmental impact report by deliberate manipulation of what information was to be considered; this CPUC report then becomes the basis for other approvals. And most alarming is that this project has been advanced despite the complete lack of any groundwater rights to extract another jurisdiction’s groundwater. Cal Am’s tactics of intimidation and bullying through legal threats, targeting citizens, expensive marketing campaigns and “buying” of allies is notorious. This project is so egregious, it defies all sense of logic and fairness. Kathy Biala | Marina

Editor’s note: Biala is a Marina planning commissioner and a member of Citizens for Just Water.

Behind Bars

I thought it was protocol to view someone’s ID when that person is being arrested, especially when the person being arrested pleads for it (“Local Spin: When police arrest and jail the wrong man, what recourse does he have?” May 2-8). That’s just the first thing law enforcement did wrong. Hoping lessons are learned. Carolyn Dodd | via Facebook

Sing Out

Thank you for writing about Lisa G. Littlebird (“Veteran vocalist finds community in a chorus open to all people who just wish to sing,” April 28-May 1). The community needs to know about her work! I really would not identify myself as a singer and never imagined I would be part of a choir. Last year I met a few members of the choir and thought it was such a beautiful group that I decided to join the Wholehearted Chorus, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I’ll never sing in American Idol, but I am so glad every Monday to meet with this beautiful community and be guided to explore and play with my voice. Genevieve LeBlanc | Carmel


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