In a Jam

Locals suffer, as always!!! (“You’ve been warned: U.S. Open traffic will be brutal, and Caltrans recommends avoiding Highway 1,” posted June 5.) Cathleen Taylor | via Facebook

On any given day, even when there aren’t any events on the Peninsula, traffic is a travesty. After living in Pacific Grove for 30 years, my husband and I threw in the towel and flew the coop. Sold our home, and moved out of state. Prayers for patience, for those of you who live there. Victoria Addington Scaccia | via Facebook

It is a week – plan ahead! This is a great event for our community! Bonnie Sleeper | via Facebook

I spent most of my professional life in communities that are barely able to survive economically. The Central Coast is thriving in no small part due to the numerous world-class events we host.Jon Hill | via Facebook

We are cramming more and more special events closer together every year. This non-stop traffic and human congestion is overwhelming to many of us. Kathy Filice Young | via Facebook

Scoot Over

I get it that they are useful (“Lime scoots out of the area after failing to come to an agreement over insurance,” June 6-12). But users need to figure out what type of vehicle they are and act accordingly. I had close calls with scooters suddenly using pedestrian crosswalks. I’ve also seen close calls with actual pedestrians nearly getting plowed into by scooters on sidewalks. Respect the rules of the road and you won’t piss people off. Celia Madison | via Facebook

They are a great idea that needs improvement. Why aren’t helmets provided and required? And hammer kids at [CSU Monterey Bay] to not go flying down the middle of the road at 30 mph.

But Lime just wants to make money and doesn’t care about the details. They’ll move on to the next town like locusts. Barb Patchin | via Facebook

Sometimes it seems this area wants to move forward with bringing in newer things – keep it with the times – but it just doesn’t work out. It’s going to be an issue eventually with not wanting to update or provide items available in other beach areas. Katt Myres Zeliff | via Facebook

Good riddance! Dangerous nuisances. Roger Kern | via Facebook

If you think scooters are dangerous, wait until you find out about cars. Keith Vandevere | via Facebook

Courting Houses

While I’m happy to hear that a South County courthouse is in the works, I am not happy with the comment from Judge Lydia Villarreal (“Local Spin: Monterey County Superior Court will seek approval for two new courthouses,” June 6-12) that they want to construct a remote courtroom because the “judge isn’t spending an hour driving there and an hour driving back… ” We have nice housing in South County; the judges could live down here with us. Mike Novo | Greenfield

Language Learners

Watering down the standards and overall quality of the school. Sad that it has come to this (“Declining enrollment leads the Middlebury Institute to soften its language requirements,” June 6-12). Erich Lehmann | via Facebook

This is supposed to be one of the country’s most prominent international institutions. I hope outrage and protests will follow. The language services industry keeps growing in California. The “language nerds” quote is completely devaluing the workforce value of languages. It just shows you how the administration in this institution does not seem to see economic value in studying languages. Downright unacceptable. Francisco De Borja Dorsch | Monterey

Under the new policy, existing language requirements remain in place until programs petition and are approved to modify their requirements. So programs that enroll students who predominantly enter English-language jobs where second language skills are less important can petition to allow students to master other skill sets – like data analysis – in lieu of language. And even if those changes are approved, all programs must retain the option of robust language study, without students incurring additional cost or time burdens.

This is a controversial issue, with faculty holding a range of views, but this article mostly gives voice to an anonymous minority who are particularly unhappy about the changes. Philipp Bleek | via Facebook

Editor’s note: Bleek is a professor of nonproliferation and terrorism studies at MIIS.

Seeing Stars

Congratulations to a first-class property and restaurant (“Aubergine receives the area’s first Michelin star as a statewide guide is released,” June 6-12). Jamie Bundy | via Facebook

Very well deserved! Excellent experience! Susan Hunt | via Facebook

I would still never pay that much for one meal. Karen Sous | via Facebook

Join the Cult

Love the cashless format. As a low-income disabled, I fully support progress (“Cult Taco has no one to take your order, yet the dishes have a human touch,” June 6-12). Tonia Chantell | via Facebook

I’m not a fan of the cashless model, I think it discriminates against some of the young, old and low-income. Have you seen how many Monterey High School students head downtown after school? I can’t imagine they all have debit cards, but I can imagine some of them want an upgrade over Taco Bell. Kim Smith | via Facebook


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