Edge of an Epidemic

Don’t take or give money (“Hand washing and fist bumps: How to decrease your risk of catching COVID-19,” posted March 5). Don’t touch anything at the store like food, clothing, anything in the aisles. Throw your shoes away as they are contaminated by going to the store and other places… Everything and anything can be contaminated. See how out of control this can getAnna Simpson | via Facebook

What the hell guys! Calm down! (“No confirmed cases of COVID-19 but Monterey County declares an emergency just in case,” posted March 6.) Gail Nakada | via Facebook

No wonder it’s spreading. The CDC is guessing at best. Esther Malkin | via Facebook

Does that mean the cruise ships won’t be visiting? Asking for a friend. Alan Crane | via Facebook

In San Jose they aren’t testing people exposed to known cases even if they are showing symptoms, not until they have respiratory issues. Ellie Miklush Stowe | via Facebook

Actually, we don’t know how high (or low) the risk is because the Monterey County Health Department won’t reveal how many tests they’ve administered (“Coronavirus risk is still low in Monterey County, but the impacts are already hitting home,” March 5-11). No testing, no data. Period. Incompetence, or a crisis of leadership? Catherine Kobrinsky Evans | via Facebook

Beyond Books

Congratulations! I cannot wait to come and see, looks wonderful (“The new El Gabilan Library is a beautiful, modern haven for the community,” Feb. 27-March 4). Beata Anna Obydzinski | via Facebook

Yes!! I love everything about this! Way to go, Salinas!

Eric Barajas | via Facebook

Win Some, Lose Some

Too bad; he does little to represent those of us who pay the bills (“Incumbent Jimmy Panetta holds a massive lead in the three-way race to keep his seat in Congress,” posted March 3). Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Steve McShane is in bed with big business. I don’t trust him. I hope the community votes for Wendy [Root Askew]! (“Leading a four-way race for county supervisor, Wendy Root Askew and Steve McShane will go to a runoff,” posted March 3.) Patrick Tacheny | via Facebook

Disappointed that in an article where the news is essentially that Wendy Root Askew has a higher percentage of the vote despite less funding, the focus seems to be on banana pancakes and favorable constituent comments on McShane. Please try to do better. Lynn Bentaleb | via Facebook

Untold Suffering

Why has this gone on SO long! My heart goes out to Christina’s family (“Surviving victims testify about their attacks by Charles Holifield, on trial for the murder of Christina Williams,” posted March 2). Prayers for the Willams family. Edie Balistreri | via Facebook

Schoolyard Battle

North Monterey County Unified School District, stop wasting time and money (“A battle between two North County school districts for where their boundary should be goes to the state,” March 5-11). Ben Sahagun | via Facebook

Laundry Cycle

In addition to bringing our community a superbly run and fun establishment, Loni McCallum is a rare human being – always upbeat and happy (“Pacific Grove laundromat owner shows her community ‘Sudz love’ by giving back,” Feb. 19-26). She takes an active interest in all her customers and treats the community like extended family. She is completely supportive and caring as well as genuinely interested in what you are all about. Beautiful. Shoshanna Rene | Seaside

Loni, when I first moved to Monterey County, I used your laundromat. Sudz was convenient when I was in Pacific Grove. Keep up the great business.

Marilyn Galli | Pacific Grove

Water and Money

Cal Am is proposing a new way to profit off ratepayers (“Cal Am under attack over rate hikes and surcharges on water bills,” posted Feb. 20). Cal Am does not make money on the water it sells. It makes a 9.2-percent rate of return every year on its capital assets, like the $50 million pipeline it just built. That’s why it’s more profitable for Cal Am to build a $329 million desal plant instead of the expansion of Pure Water Monterey.

But now Cal Am is asking for a new way to make a profit. It wants that 9.2-percent rate of return to be applied to surcharges.

Remember when we all conserved water during the drought? Cal Am turned around and charged us $64 million for the water we didn’t use. That’s an example of a surcharge and it’s still on your bill, labeled “Pre – 2015 WRAM surcharge.” Phil Wellman | Carmel

Editor’s note: Wellman is communications adviser for Public Water Now.

Cal Am’s history of annual rate increases is outrageous. According to the CPUC’s Public Advocates Office, Cal Am has raised our bills by an average of 17 percent every year for the past 10 years. What Cal Am calls a typical bill went from $20 to $100 over that time.

Tell the California Public Utilities Commission you’ve had enough of Cal Am’s price-gouging! The CPUC is asking for public input. The direct link to post a complaint to CPUC decision makers is on the Public Water Now homepage at publicwaternow.orgMelodie Chrislock | Carmel

Editor’s note: Chrislock is managing director of Public Water Now.

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