Water World

The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District was taken to task for what the author claims is a lack of transparency in the district’s analysis of the feasibility of acquiring California American Water, an effort required by Measure J and passed by the voters last November (“Local Spin: A public board keeps documents under wraps in a slog toward public water,” May 23-29). In February, the district approved budgets for each consultant in public session and reports monthly the payments made to each as part of its public board meeting agenda packet. The role of each consultant has been publicly discussed at board meetings, listening sessions and presentations to community groups. While the author is correct that the district has not disclosed the names of each consultant, she accurately described the reason: “The goal is to not prejudice future negotiations and/or testimony in a legal setting.” The eminent domain process is a litigation. If this effort heads down that path, the opponents will seek to discredit the work product and the experts who produced it. At this point in the process, it does not serve the district, nor by extension the community, to release and publicly discuss preliminary work product or give others a head-start at discrediting the experts. The findings, conclusions and the experts who have guided the results will be brought into the light and our constituents will have ample time to review and discuss them in a public setting. Molly Evans | Monterey

Editor’s note: Evans is chair of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.

Fiber Optics

[Salinas City Councilmember] Scott [Davis], it sounds like you might be making a few statements without doing your fair share of due diligence (“Salinas and Hartnell College fail to marry in a deal to bring free dark fiber to East Campus,” May 23-29). Aurelio Salazar Jr. | via Facebook

After speaking with several Hartnell trustees it sounded like they were either uninformed or misinformed.

I’d be willing to see where the breakdown occurred (on either side) and address that so we can continue to have a great working relationship. This has now put into jeopardy a potential city of Salinas contribution of $200,000ish to the Hartnell College Promise Program. Scott Davis | via Facebook

While this sounded like a pretty good deal, I definitely don’t think it was a win/win for all parties. It sounds like the city would have the better deal. More like a 75/25. I don’t blame Hartnell dropping the ball on this. In the long run, having Salinas own all the conduit/dark fiber would put the city in a much stronger position in the long term. Greg Hamer | via Facebook

End Zone

Blue Zones Project Monterey County wants to give a tentacle high-five to Squid for calling us a “cool initiative” and we also want to satisfy Squid’s curiosity (“Squid Fry: In the Zone,” May 23-29). We encourage all 17,500 people who received our Blue Zones Project survey to please fill it out and use the dollar inside to buy some fresh Salinas Valley produce. As the first Blue Zones Project in Northern California, we are following proven best practices to get insight into our community’s health habits. Together, we are going to take action that will result in people living longer, healthier lives.

Our partners loved our plan for Salinas so much, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, Taylor Farms and Montage Health committed to supporting additional phases for this countywide initiative. We invite everyone to our free community kickoff Saturday, June 29 from 1-4:30pm at Sherwood Hall, 940 N. Main St. in Salinas. The area will be transformed into an interactive environment with fun experiences for the entire family to begin this amazing journey to good health. Tiffany DiTullio | Salinas

Editor’s note: DiTullio is executive director of Blue Zones Project Monterey County.

Shot Down

So sorry for your loss. A parent should never lose their child (“Young father of two shot and killed in Seaside on Tuesday, prompting school lockdowns,” posted May 21). Tiffiny Nagel | via Instagram

Why doesn’t Salinas murders get this much attention? There’s 14-year-old kids getting their noodles popped! Sam Ayala | via Facebook

Growing from the Roots

Such an amazing festival (“Good vibes at the 10th annual California Roots Festival,” posted May 28). Now if we can only have a music scene the rest of the year. Madalyn Ann | via Instagram

It’s too bad they can’t pick up their garbage. North Fremont near the Fairgrounds was littered with beer cans, bottles, food containers and god knows what. It is the only event that leaves such a disgusting mess. Chris Caffrey | via Facebook

Tash is so amazing! Heard the music from my patio in Seaside, sending healing vibes all over the bay! (“Tash Sultana continues to conquer the realm of roots-reggae-rock by defying expectations,” May 23-29). Parisa Gomez | via Instagram


Due to an editing error, a story incorrectly stated that the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District has not disclosed how much it is spending on consultants for the feasibility analysis it is conducting per Measure J. The District has publicly reported how much is being paid to consultants ($650,000 has been approved), but has not disclosed the identities of the consultants or copies of their contracts (“Local Spin: A public board keeps documents under wraps in a slog toward public water,” May 23-29).


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