Street Meat

Finally something to snack on besides goat cheese crouton for $15 (“Carmel hurries to get street vendor rules in place as new state law takes effect,” Jan. 3-9). Tom Tessier | via Facebook

Carmel would be so much more fun with a food cart or two. Maybe we could all take one foot out of our graves for once and stop treating this town like it lives on as one extended wake.Jessie Lillie Lemon | via Facebook

Can’t wait to buy the bacon street dog when I’m kicking it at the beach! (I’m sure the Carmelites are cringing!) Mich Hernandez | via Facebook

Clutch my pearls! Colleen Green | via Facebook

Please don’t try to excuse and try to hide the real reason of not wanting street vendors with “safety reasons.” The real reason the city doesn’t want street vendors is because in their mind it will make the city look tacky or whatever. Carlos Mutos | via Facebook

Many of the greedy, entitled sociopaths from Carmel did in fact help turn once-great cities like Salinas into Third World hell holes by socializing their labor costs to stuff more into their overflowing heir pockets. Miguel Banda | via Facebook

This is just the beginning of Carmel becoming another “any town” USA! Waste matter on streets and huddled groups eating in what little and rare “open” natural space/parks Carmel has. I fear more trees will be cut to make more room on sidewalks for vendors who will be paying fees and taxes to the city. I fear the negative may outweigh the positive in this unique 1-square-mile of shared commercial and residential highly valuable space. The streets are “little gold mines.” Lisa Bryan | via Facebook

The streets are only little gold mines because of the selfishness of Carmel residents. Countless helpful and innovative services have been shot down because Carmel residents can’t understand property value isn’t the most important thing on earth. While Carmel retains its luxury vibe it loses out on any sense of culture. Carmel isn’t the gem of the Peninsula – Monterey is, and frankly, Carmel and its ego are kind of embarrassing. Mark Shipman | via Facebook

A New Millennium

By now, most are aware of the challenges the Millennium Charter High School (MCHS) is facing (“The county ed office cuts an in-the-red charter school to forge a new path,” Dec. 27-Jan. 2).

I would like to offer a suggestion. A closer look at all the local high schools would reveal that there are many students who would benefit by attending MCHS. It would be worth the time for our teachers to seek out the students in their classrooms who do not always fit the learning standards of our current scholastic system. The teachers already know who these students are. A parent teacher conference to suggest an alternative high school for their child would possibly be the best change for that student.

Millennium was founded with these students in mind. To help students who struggle in certain subjects feed their strengths such as technical, artistic and drama skills. Yes, these students are special and different. So was Albert Einstein.

We as a community cannot afford to lose MCHS. It has been said that, “it takes a village to raise a child.” It takes a city to save a very special school. Rafael Melendez | Salinas

All Wet

The post, “Crystal Clear” (“The Buzz,” Jan. 3-9) leaves out some key details on the appointment of Carmel Mayor Dave Potter to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District board. There are six mayors, but Potter only got three votes at the Jan. 4 meeting. Del Rey Oaks Mayor Alison Kerr was 15 minutes late, being delayed by her city manager on DRO business, but (Seaside) Mayor (Ian) Oglesby, (Sand City Mayor Mary Ann) Carbone and Potter opportunistically rushed the vote through to get a majority of those present, but not a majority of the entire board. The irony is that at the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority meeting on Jan. 10, the Peninsula mayors voted to continue until the follow meeting, the selection of officers for that body because Oglesby was absent. Why didn’t the mayors show a similar courtesy to Ms. Kerr? Distrust is on the rise with Potter’s rushed appointment to a critical seat on the board. Michael Baer | Carmel Valley

Everyone’s a Critic

No, Ms. Jones, we should not “all be running around like the world is our house and the roof is on fucking fire” (“In director Adam McKay’s modern tragedy, Dick Cheney is the hero – much to our chagrin,” Jan. 3-9). We need to first change our thinking and then rationally change our behavior. And stop writing “fuck” so much – it’s a shitty word. Jordan Garrick | Salinas

Melancholy Hill

So sad to see this go (“Contractors clear sand off the recreation trail in Sand City next to the dune known as Scribble Hill,” posted Jan. 4 to Instagram). Get ready for more tourists. Valerie Griggs | via Instagram

All of these years [developer Ed Ghandour] has been fighting to do this and he’s never had the financing lined up? I can’t wait to see who would actually give him money to literally build his castle on the sand. Leigh Fitz | via Instagram

Where’s the Party?

They are driving neighbors insane and their property value into the dumper (“Folktale Winery’s chef de cuisine mixes food, wine and music,” Jan. 3-9.) Violating noise, lights, traffic, parking, county regulations galore. But hey, party hearty, it’s not your neighborhood. Luanna Conley | via Facebook



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