Year By Year

The reduction in sentencing is an insult to the families of the victims who were MURDERED by this man (“P.G. man loses appeal, but gets sentence reduced for two DUI deaths in Pebble Beach,” posted April 28). Yes, I said murdered! In this modern era, making the choice to drive yourself to a location where you then make the choice to consume substances known to alter your ability to think and react, knowing that you will then break the law by driving impaired—that is a series of premeditated acts that all adults know can result in death of an innocent person. He chose to break the law and put others in harm’s way. This reduction in sentencing is a crime in itself!

The fact that he appealed his conviction on technicalities shows he is not remorseful, accepts no responsibility for his actions, and is not ready to change his life for the better. If he were truly a good person, he would accept his conviction and sentencing without complaint and serve his time. Stef Helbock Pummell | via Facebook

An insult to all DUI victims. Ami Andrews | via Facebook

This is beyond wrong. Charlotte Thiel | via Facebook

Gotta love the “justice” system. Embarrassing. Kaeleigh Petersen | via Facebook

He should get two life sentences, one for each life he took. Lauren McPherson | via Facebook

Well folks, that’s the privilege you get when your parents are rich and well-connected. Chase Helms | via Facebook

By the Bay Side

As their business slowed over the years, the food, service and condition of the restaurant deteriorated (“Turtle Bay Taqueria is closing its downtown Monterey location. Frutti Del Mar is moving in,” posted April 25). I stopped eating there last year after several bad experiences in a row. Still love their other location and Fishwife in Pacific Grove.Henry Simpson | via Facebook

Bummer. This was one of our favorite spots. Sue Waller | via Facebook

I am so thrilled for the Frutti family! This is a great business run by a fantastic family. I’m sad Marina will be losing one of the few great places to eat but I’m so happy this opportunity has come up for this local mom-and-pop. I really hope it does well in the new location! Chantel Touryan-Schaefer | via Facebook

Mixed emotions; happy Frutti is expanding but sad you’re leaving us in Marina! One of the best restaurants around. Terri Pitton Dickey | via Facebook

Shelter Showdown

This is not right (“Double whammy: Two Salinas shelters set to close next week,” posted April 24). Elizabeth Murdock | via Facebook

Exactly where do we expect these people to go? Joseph W. Borawski | via Facebook

Move ’em out to Pebble Beach and hang out with those rich liberals. Mike Holland | via Facebook

Ride ’Em Cowboys

Congratulations to the undefeated Salinas Cowboys (“The Salinas Cowboys are a dedicated—and undefeated—high school mountain bike team,” April 20-26). Along with riding technique and good team communication, one would hope these young people are being taught trail etiquette. That involves such things as staying on marked trails (not taking shortcuts or riding on trails closed to bikes), yielding to hikers and horses, and leaving no trace (packing out litter), among others. Trails in parks and national monuments are open to all and are not racetracks.

Lastly, since mountain bike tires contribute to erosion, it should be expected that these athletes devote some of their community service hours to trail maintenance to learn responsibility. Cleda Houmes | Salinas

Pond Reflections

Some years ago I bought a house in San Luis Obispo County that had a small pond with little waterfalls and a recirculating pump (“Dave’s Amazing Pond & Turf uses an all-natural formula to eliminate pesky algaes,” April 27-May 3). The previous owner left behind shelves of various supplies and additives for fighting algae, which had been an ever-losing battle for him. Instead of that route, I stocked the pond with cheap goldfish from WalMart. Problem solved. The fish kept the algae under control, the pond had plenty of rock crevices for the fish to hide in, so they were safe from racoons and other predators, and lots of birds and frogs showed up to enjoy the new all-natural environment Joe Snyder | Monterey

My Way Or The Highway

Liberals have very short memories. Remember when Obama threatened to withhold federal funding for schools not complying with his executive decree to let boys use girls restrooms at public schools? (“Judge sides with sanctuary cities, issues injunction against Trump administration,” posted April 25.) A “victory” for liberal politicians who want to ignore our immigration laws, and a loss for hardworking California taxpayers and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who came to America the LEGAL WAY. Imagine what the $30 billion this state spends on illegal immigrants could do to fix roads, dams, fund education. This is a victory for lawlessness and criminality. But that is what the Democratic Party has become: a criminal enterprise that no longer represents America. I see another victory for Trump come 2018 (sic). Steve Elwood | via Facebook


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