Gotta Go

Seriously? Public bathrooms downtown? [Community Development Director Megan Hunter] means the one bathroom at the MST center that is closed at night (“Chinatown Health Center closure in Salinas leaves homeless with few bathroom options,” July 11-17). Now there is no place for ANYONE to use the bathroom in downtown Salinas unless one is a paying customer. It’s a sick joke that the city has money to hire the dubious Downtown Streets Team but can’t keep public bathrooms and showers open for the most vulnerable of our residents. Trish Sullivan | Salinas

Did you ever think to ask yourself where the public bathrooms are downtown?? The bathrooms don’t exist. Maureen Wruck | Salinas

I hate to lump them all as “homeless.” The vagrants who choose this lifestyle to facilitate addictions move to this area because of the fabulous weather and the generosity of the residents. These are not always safe people to have camping in your backyard. They care more about their next fix than your safety, well-being and property. I lived well within my means and worked hard to move to Monterey. Why should I have to watch the town of my dreams be systematically destroyed so addicts can be fed and set up toxic shanty towns. What about my rights? Katrina Hintze | via Facebook

Legacy of Hate

It pays to read the Monterey County Weekly. Excellent article (“There was a Confederate monument in Monterey, but people only noticed after it was removed,” July 4-10). Thank you for writing and bringing to light the Confederate monument which stood in plain view on the lawn outside Colton Hall in Monterey for 60 years. Wow!

As a native of Monterey County and a child of a mother who was a civil rights warrior, I appreciate your article. Helen E. Staten | via email

Curious that the city of Monterey would remove the Confederate flag and general praise of a genocider, but not add in some acknowledgment of the atrocities and murder by his hand. Kudos for removing that racist, small man from a pedestal, but I wish his legacy was told in full.Jon Wizard | Seaside

“In 2017, the Monterey city manager’s office quietly removed it. A new plaque was installed celebrating Garnett’s design of the Great Seal, and leaves out his Confederate legacy.” Why did they quietly remove it? Because the Southern Poverty Law Center was behind it. The Southern Poverty Law Center likes erasing history that we should be learning from, not ignore it. Marilyn Galli | Carmel

At Your Own Risk

Great! Only took 27 years to figure out (“Monastery Beach, notorious for dangerous waters, gets a State Parks lifeguard,” posted July 11). Christopher Tanner | via Facebook

I’m concerned that this will encourage swimming in a truly dangerous spot. Carol DaVee | via Facebook

What would be most effective is to use Point Lobos docents in their windbreakers to take walks down the beach several times a day and simply make contact and hand out flyers to tourists who stop and are thinking about getting in the water. It’s a state beach so those duties could be easily streamlined in. Agree that the tower gives a false sense of security. Paul J. Ingram | via Facebook

How about signs that say how many people have died there and how many days since the last death? Eloise Kelsey | via Facebook

That should be a NO SWIMMING beach. Ellen Beck | via Facebook

What happened to the day when we were taught to respect the ocean. Isn’t it amazing how these lessons become someone else’s issue. So, who’s paying for this? Tricia Priestley | via Facebook

Taxpayers. I’m all for my taxes going towards saving lives rather than paying for rescue efforts and putting more lives at risk. Eric Palmer | via Facebook

Have Nots

Well, this issue was full of “good news.” Doesn’t anyone understand we’re killing Big Sur? (“Pfeiffer Beach shuttle plan nixed over price point and coastal access concerns,” July 11-17). Now we want to shuttle in folks because heaven knows we’re not doing enough damage. Everyone loved Weston Call, however why do we need more than 150 day-use vehicles?

Of course, Pasadera homeowners, who paid millions to reside in this enclave, want to review the 1995 agreement for 12 low-income units to 12 moderate-income units (“Pasadera owners ask to revise affordable housing requirements,” July 11-17). Heavens, we don’t want those lowlifes in our community. Perhaps some “low-income” folks don’t know of the availability of the Casitas; I’ve never seen any advertised locally. Elaine Giampietro | Monterey

Work Force

I’m a social services aide who’s worked for Monterey County seven years (“As Monterey County employees negotiate, a strike is on the table,” July 4-10). I’m the first point of contact when people call with concerns about their eligibility for community benefits. We strive to serve people in a timely manner. But it’s been difficult for my family to keep up with the cost of living. We live paycheck to paycheck. I have baby #2 on the way and can’t imagine how we would make it if our health care costs increased.

Good health care is the only way for this county to retain employees. We aren’t asking to get rich – just to be able to survive. I love my job, but if working parents like me are forced to leave to work elsewhere, we wouldn’t have social services available. I hope county management will take our concerns seriously. Amanda Bonilla | Hollister


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