In An Emergency

Probably the best reporting in this issue to date (“A battle is being waged over Monterey County’s Emergency Medical System. Will its outcome make residents any safer?” June 20-26). It makes clear the motivations of all parties involved. It is definitely a can of worms. The BOS must be very clear eyed in resolving this. Paul J. Ingram | via Facebook

After receiving an astronomical bill from AMR myself, it’s no wonder that many choose to drive themselves to the ER. Any new contract has to address the high cost of emergency response and related transportation; insurance doesn’t cover it in many cases. Norm Groot | Pacific Grove

As a South County EMT, I wondered why the Monterey Regional Fire District chief was spearheading this issue. Chief Michael Urquides charges our Emergency Medical Services Authority $1,000 for every bleeding stubbed toe his paramedic unit responds to. Fire departments cannot “charge” for their services. I believe [EMS Bureau Chief] Michael Petrie and Chief Urquides are gaming the system. Ron Smith | via email

The Board of Supervisors is selling out to private interests that want to take over social services so they can skim a little off the top and put it in their pocket. Miguel Banda | via Facebook

2020 time

Is this post intended to stir controversy? Some people support the president. Some don’t. Same story for centuries now, to different degrees (“Dozens of Trump supporters gather in Monterey to cheer the president’s re-election campaign,” posted June 19).

Funny thing is, most Americans actually want the same thing, but they just have a different opinion of how to achieve it. Joe Ash | via Facebook

Not to criticize the Weekly because I love the Weekly, but why not ask these Republicans some questions about policy or specifics on why they support Trump? Just saying they chanted build the wall and got flipped off gives no insight, and I genuinely want to understand why a Trump supporter supports him. Please dig deeper. Tara Tolnai | via Facebook

Drumpf will claim it was a crowd of thousands – the biggest ever to gather in all of Monterey County. Jeff Rothal | via Facebook

Air Time

It is about time our tiny airport got an expansion (“Monterey Regional Airport lands a federal grant to buy three properties, planning for a new terminal,” June 20-26). Joseph W. Borawski | via Facebook

Stop! Move the airport to an unpopulated location. Dave Filbin | via Facebook

Terrible idea. Cristina Jackson | via Facebook

Unless you are planning on wiping out Casanova-Oak Knoll and half of Del Rey Oaks, there is no room for this to become SJC or SFO. Lynne Siqueiros | via Facebook

Hitting the Brakes

This is another sign that something is wrong with this economy. Business can’t afford continue, housing and education are exorbitant (“Three Seaside auto dealerships are closing, spelling peril for jobs and tax revenue,” June 20-26). Rick Deal | via Facebook

Considering the amount of rent they were paying for that old dilapidated building on the Chevy/Cadillac side, I’m not surprised. Amber Norton Kirk | via Facebook

I’m disappointed Hyundai closed, their service people were excellent. Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Build Up

I do not consider this “progress,” just a blot on my hometown and residential neighborhood (“Dramatic makeover of Pacific Grove’s shoreline proposed at the site of the American Tin Cannery,” posted June 24). Hotels never sleep. Inge Lorentzen Daumer | Pacific Grove

Something In The Water

Cal Am ratepayers should be very concerned about the current permitting process for the desalination project (“Squid Fry: An Appealing Feeling,” June 13-19). Cal Am is attempting to invade a city’s water supply for their own gain, causing harm in the process. The expansion of Pure Water Monterey solves our water supply problems for decades to come for one-third the cost.

Public Water Now is appealing the permit decision of the Monterey County Planning Commission which was made without a full, honest presentation of the facts. Let the Board of Supervisors know you want a subsequent environmental impact report and a new review. Send an email to them at before July 9. Susan Schiavone | Seaside

We don’t need Cal Am’s desal. The Pure Water Monterey expansion would give the Peninsula enough water to get us off the Carmel River by the December 2021 deadline, recharge the Seaside Basin and leave us plenty of water for development for decades to come.

Water problem solved, right? Not quite. Cal Am refuses to buy the water. As usual, Cal Am’s bottom line is at stake. There’s just not enough profit on this recycled water project for Cal Am. And worse, it would make its $329 million desal plant totally unnecessary.

Cal Am is holding our community’s new water supply hostage, insisting we pay for the most expensive, environmentally damaging water supply. Fight back. Tell the Board of Supervisors to look at the Pure Water Monterey alternative. Melodie Chrislock | Carmel

Editor’s note: Chrislock is managing director of Public Water Now.


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