Stop the Shooting

The government is not UNABLE to act, it is UNWILLING to act (“Local Spin: Mass shootings have become shockingly unshocking,” Aug. 1-7). Robert W. Coble | via Facebook

You say the government is unwilling to do anything yet he illegally brought a firearm into California and he illegally cut through a fence… do you see where I am going here? You can have all the laws you want but bad people will still find a way to do horrific things. We need to stop blaming the tool that was used and blame the person for doing it. Chase Helms | via Facebook

Twenty-one people were killed by drunk drivers on Memorial Day weekend. Where’s the outrage? Why aren’t we requiring interlocks on all vehicles? Kat Calabrese | via Facebook

What do you mean, “What can we do”? Our representatives can do a lot, yet they sit in Washington on their asses because the NRA paid them to (“Another mass shooter wreaks death and destruction, this time in Gilroy. And again it leaves everyone asking: What can we do?” Aug. 1-7). Maureen Wruck | via Facebook

Eviction Notice

Eviction is way too extreme! Housing is way too expensive right now (“Six households at Del Monte Manor to get evicted over rap music video,” Aug. 1-7). Many videos have been shot there! Juleen JoJo Vegas | via Facebook

I’d be pissed if my boyfriend, son, cousin, brother or whoever was living in my home made a video that got me evicted. Draya Monique | via Facebook

The eviction of families because of the filming of a music video is a prime example of the coming together of racism and classism during “community regeneration initiatives.” Let’s call it for what it is: gentrification, a process which criminalizes poor people and relies on racist stereotypes to clear cities and towns of long-term residents because they are trying to make way for investors and new shiny, rich residents. Gentrification is happening all over the world, and it breaks my heart to see it destroying people’s access to housing right here on the peninsula. The Weekly should not be adding fuel to the fire which is already ravaging our communities. Stephanie Spoto | Monterey

Getting Lapped

Fantastic! Thank you Marina for seeing the potential to revitalize this building and the community that will use it (“Marina wants to revive – and improve – the glory of an abandoned pool on the former Fort Ord,” Aug. 1-7). Margaret Carey Lang | via Facebook

My fingers are crossed for this to happen!!! Go Marina go!! Stef Helbock Pummell | via Facebook

Safety Zone

Every year, when the Department of Pesticide Regulation issues its air monitoring report, I read headlines such as Monterey County Weekly’s (“Annual air monitoring report for pesticides shows there’s no cause for alarm,” posted July 25). As a teacher at Ohlone Elementary who witnesses the long-term health effects pesticides have on my students and their families, these reports simply leave me with questions.

How reliable is monitoring that shows “most pesticides below health screening levels” when only “one 24-hour air sample set was collected on a weekly basis”? We don’t know if samples were collected right after nearby applications or up to a week later.

How do these reports account for impacts of exposure to multiple pesticides? A recent report by UCLA found no evidence that DPR or county ag commissioners evaluate impacts from multiple pesticides applied at once or near one another. Nearly 8.9 million pounds of toxic pesticides were used in Monterey County in 2017. Yet DPR doesn’t consider cumulative effects when setting their health screening levels.

Saying that current pesticide levels in our air are no “cause for alarm” is simply preposterous.Melissa Dennis | Santa Cruz

Wild Life

Anyone profiting from coastal land and not allowing it to be restored as natural wetlands and habitat should be made to create and maintain wildlife corridors at the very least (“After a brief hiatus, Monterey County has renewed its contract with federal wildlife trappers,” July 25-31). I think the entire coast and all of our waterways should be given back to the public; these ecosystems being healthy should be top priority. Adrienne Gates | via Facebook

We are unique not only around the state but the entire country. We need to take all measures to ensure the safety of the food products that we produce or we will see more foodborne illnesses. I live in Salinas and there is a very real problem with skunks and raccoons. This is not OK and needs to be addressed mainly for sanitary and safety reasons. David Tucker | via Facebook

Dog Days

Basically I just want to go around meeting the dogs of Monterey County now (“A deep dive into data reveals the canine preferences of Monterey County residents,” July 25-31) Emily Fantelli Swanson | via Facebook

Cute article! Thanks for sharing. Amy Noble | via Facebook

Music for All

I LOVED the Carmel Bach Festival Family Concert (“Artifacts,” July 25-31). Congratulations to Librettist Sue Mudge for incorporating life-altering music with a life-altering education about bugs. And everyone loved our British artistic director, Paul Goodwin, with dyed hair and silly shorts! Hundreds of children with happy faces! Susie Brusa | Corral de Tierra


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