I want to get into the cannabis delivery and distribution business. Any tips? - Wee D. Livery

Be careful. It’s rough out there. One might think that running a cannabis delivery service would be easy-peasy, especially since people living in cities and counties that don’t allow dispensaries love getting weed delivered. However, many cities are cracking down on delivery services, I guess because common sense is harder to find than good weed.

We need more good delivery services. Check the California Bureau of Cannabis Control’s website for good info, get your money and your crew and your insurance together, and have at it. And I know I’ve said this before, but: Be careful. The CHP is going after delivery services and especially distribution companies. Just last month, the CHP detained a truck from Wild Rivers Transport, a licensed distribution company. Instead of releasing the drivers and the legal contents of the truck, the CHP called on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to impound the truck and its contents. No charges were filed. Pot is still illegal under federal law, so the DHS (and the DEA) can pretty much do what they want. Good luck.

What’s the best way to figure out how my cannabis was grown? - Praven Nonce

Um, ask the grower? Find the brand on Instagram? As cannabis becomes more and more like the fancy booze industry, it should become easier to find out where and when and how your weed was grown. Hell, the fancier companies love to tell you that their bud was grown deep in the heart of Mendocino County, under the watchful eye of an ancient and venerable hippie farmer who only visits the Big City when it’s time to buy new shoes.

Just a few years ago out on the West Coast, there were a bunch of “farmers market” style cannabis events where you could visit booths and get a chance to talk to the growers to learn about their techniques and ingredients. Sadly, farmers markets are no longer allowed in the new legalization era, although there are a few underground. However, Gov. Jerry Brown did just sign a law allowing for small-scale cannabis events where legal growers can hawk their wares, so maybe we will once again be able to have legal farmers markets, and cannabis users will find it easier to learn about the cannabis they consume direct from the purveyors.


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