Can I do anything with the cannabis that I’ve already vaped? - Juana Usitall

Yes. Use it to make a cannabis-infused oil or butter. Vaped weed still has a usable amount of THC and making a butter (or a tincture if you are fancy and have the time) is the easiest way to get that THC out of the plant and into your bloodstream.

How do I take the best dab hit? - Khan Zentrait

Hmmm. The word “best” seems a bit subjective, no? I mean, back in the day, we used to just put some hash on top of a bowl, or add it to some weed and roll it into a joint, and that was pretty good. Back then, the “best” way was to heat up two knives on a stove, press a chunk of hash between the two knives and inhale the vapors. The new rigs and stuff are the same concepts as hash and hot knives, it’s just the technology is a little different. This is how they do it:

Use a clean “rig,” which is a bong outfitted with a “nail.” A “nail” is a special sort of bowl designed for concentrates. (Side note: I always feel weird saying “rig” in the context of cannabis, because words like “rig” and “works” remind me of heroin culture and I don’t think heroin and cannabis should mix. Can we say “dab bong” instead of “rig”?)

I like a quartz nail as opposed to ceramic or titanium. They are fragile, but they heat up fast and probably give the cleanest hit. Using a heat source, heat the nail to at least 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It used to be that folks would just get their nail as hot as possible, but folks soon figured out that too high of a temperature will burn up all the terpenes and give you a sore throat. Low-temp, high-flavor dabs are the new wave. Don’t pay any attention to all the dabheads arguing about the best temperature for dabbing. It’s worse than listening to baristas argue about the optimal serving temperature of a latte. Do you want to get high or do you want to argue? Exactly. Take a hit. I like smaller hits because you can always smoke more weed, but you can’t unsmoke weed.

Take a good inhale and let it out. Enjoy the flavor of the terpenes. Close your eyes and see what flavors you can detect. Pinene? Myrcene? Blueberries? Wait a few minutes. See how you feel. Wait a few more minutes. Have another. When you have achieved optimum balance, stop. Have fun. Dab responsibly.


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