I’m freaking out over this coronavirus, man. What can I do? -Pan Demic

Don’t panic. The odds of you getting infected with COVID-19 virus are very low. Just take some reasonable precautions. 1. Chill out, don’t panic. 2. Wash your hands. A lot. 3. No passing doobies for a while. Every stoner should have their own joint or pipe or blunt or whatever. 4. Avoid touching your face. That’s about it. Be smart. Stay high. Stay safe.

I have nothing against marijuana, but I don’t want to work with stoned people in the same way that I don’t want to work with drunks. And I worry about stoned drivers. Is there a way to test for cannabis impairment? -Stray Tarrow

I understand your concerns. I mean, it’s easy to figure out if someone is drunk. Breathalyzer tests are not perfect but they’re reasonably accurate, and a blood-alcohol level of about 0.1 percent is enough for just about anyone to be impaired. When it comes to THC, however, there is no generally accepted threshold. Traces of THC can stay in the body way after the effects have worn off; some people are super impaired after a puff or two while others can smoke a blunt and not seem any different. This is creating a challenge for law enforcement, especially since smokable high-CBD/low-THC hemp varieties are becoming extremely popular.

Fortunately, there are ways to test for impairment that don’t involve breathalyzers or blood samples. The Predictive Safety Company has developed the “Alertmeter,” a 60 – to 90-second-long test of cognitive function and alertness. The trouble is that someone would need to take the test at least 10 times to establish a baseline score, making this test useful for employers, but not so useful for CHP.

Big picture, remember your risk of being in a collision caused by a stoner remains low. And at work, try not to be so judgy about what people do while they’re off work.

Anything exciting happening? - W.Y.A.

Yes! I am headed to Barcelona for the International Cannabis Business Conference next week. The ICBC is always fun and educational, and Barcelona is one of the most 420-friendly cities in the world, plus the food is great (tapas and munchies are an incredible team).

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