Marijuana and high blood pressure… what’s the deal? - Sis Tolic

We know that smoking raises the blood pressure, but does smoking weed also raise blood pressure? It turns out that the results are kinda mixed. When you take a puff of pot, your blood pressure goes up just a little bit. Some strains, especially the ones we call sativas, like TrainWreck, Durban Poison, Jack Herer, etc., cause a temporary increase in heart rate as well. If you’ve ever smoked a joint and then felt your heart racing, you know what I mean. However, around 10-15 minutes later, your blood pressure actually goes down. And long-term cannabis users’ bodies often adjust, so heart rate and blood pressure don’t increase much at all. There have been just a few studies. One, published by the National Institute of Mental Health, found that “Chronic use of cannabis may elicit a long-lasting decrease in heart rate and blood pressure.”

Does smoking before the gym have any impact on the effectiveness of a workout? - Jim Ratz

Yes it does. There are studies that show folks who smoke cannabis tend to work out more often and for longer periods of time. Also, cannabis users tend to have better insulin levels and better metabolisms than non-users. Weird, right? Here is another weird fact: Since THC is stored in the fat cells (which is why you can fail a drug test even when you haven’t smoked in a while), all that fat you burn while exercising will release a little THC into the bloodstream. Talk about a runner’s high.

Also: Weed is a natural anti-inflammatory, so maybe that means recovery happens a little faster. I mean, don’t get so high that you can’t remember how to work the rowing machine, but a puff or two before you hit the gym or the basketball court won’t hurt.

If I put an edible in my butt will I get high? - Al R.E. Tentive

What the heck? Why would you even want to boof an edible? No. You will not get high by shoving a brownie in your browneye. However, you could probably find a suppository or two at a weed club. They are mostly for serious cannabis patients, butt I guess you could use them recreationally if you want. You’re gonna miss out on a lot of flavor, though.


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