SELFIES WITH BESTIES… Squid recently learned a hard lesson: Do not dangle over the side of Bixby Bridge in order to get an epic selfie. See, Squid knows that while such stunts make for great visuals, someone will call Squid out for doing dangerous stuff just for the Instagram likes.

To self-soothe for being called out for Squid’s own bad behavior, Squid took to trolling Instagram over the holiday weekend in search of other questionable material. Squid had to look no further than the IG account of Salinas City Councilman and supervisorial candidate Steve McShane.

Wait, what? Steve McShane, the ultimate white-bread family guy, posts questionable material to his ‘gram account? No, silly, it’s not the pictures of McShane, his wife, their adorable child, his church work, his relentless campaigning or his gorgeous backyard that causes Squid’s eyebrows to raise. It’s who (or what) is liking his posts.

McShane has two accounts: one for the adorable family stuff and another for his campaign stuff. And all over the campaign page, there’s the Fort Ord Reuse Authority (@fortordreuse) clicking the old like button for all it’s worth. Huh, a government organization liking a politician’s posts? OK. Squid surfed over to the account of Wendy Root Askew, who’s running against McShane to fill the supe seat being vacated by her boss, Supervisor Jane Parker, to see if FORA was doling out the love equal-opportunity style, but alas, no dice. FORA saves its IG loving for Steve.

ON DELAY… Speaking of the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, the hydra-like agency that has had its life extended once and is seeking to do so again: There was some good news this week. First, the State Senate unanimously passed a bill, SB 189, that would extend its sunset date of July 1, 2020, for another two years. It’s on to the Assembly for that bill, which Squid expects will pass. There was also a recent decision from Monterey County Superior Court Judge Marla Anderson, giving FORA a victory in a lawsuit filed by Keep Fort Ord Wild. KFOW alleged FORA had violated the California Environmental Quality Act in approving plans to widen 1.44 miles of South Boundary Road. Those plans are significant because utilities – water, electricity, gas, sewers – to serve future development on Fort Ord lands in Del Rey Oaks and Monterey are envisioned to be installed underground during the road work.

The dispute centered around the legal quibble of when FORA actually approved the road improvements – in 2010, when it signed off on environmental review, or in 2017, when it hired contractors. FORA argued it was the former. Anderson agreed, and determined that the statute of limitations had run. FORA attorney Jon Giffen says they’re still calculating legal fees, to the tune of $30K-plus. It’s a rare case in which a delay (though seven years is not long in FORA time) turned out to be on the agency’s side.


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