Follow-up: If you were a mad scientist, what would you create?

Asked at Starbucks in the CSUMB Center.

CONSTANT BRAGGS | Student | Marina

Constant - Street Talk 09.25.14

A: People asking for relationship advice. A lady had been with her boyfriend six years – why he hasn’t popped the question?

Transporter: I would create a way to teleport. I would go anywhere, like to Starbucks or the mall, in present day.

CESAR QUINTERO | CSUMB employee | Soledad

Cesar - Street Talk 09.25.14

A: Weirdest thing I’ve heard is radio stations bashing each other about who’s better.

Period Piece: I would create the ability to travel back in time. Doesn’t matter when.

COLLEEN COURTNEY | Student | Marina

Colleen - Street Talk 09.25.14

A: A segment about guessing someone’s age based off three questions, like, “Are you married? Do you have kids? What’s your favorite cake?”

Enviro Magic: Something to get all the plastics and toxins out of the ocean.

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