Asked at Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey

Follow-up: What is the key ingredient to your perfect bowl of clam chowder?

GREGORY STEVENSON | Jazz Musician | Monterey

Street Talk  10.03.13 - Gregory Stevenson

A: Parks and recreation, because if you look at the scenery, you have to be respectful toward the park.

Spice It Up: The cream, thickness and the seasoning – you have to make it tasty.

LAURA BRUNO | Manager | Monterey

Derrick Brereton - Laura Bruno

A: I suppose it would be on the local level, helping the homeless. Figure out some kind of education and work programs.

Never Change: Use the best ingredients. Keep it fresh and keep it consistent.

DERRICK BRERETON | Student | Carmel

Street Talk  10.03.13 - Derrick Brereton

A: President, because the politicians are not making smart decisions for the people.

Soup’s Up: Warmth. It’s definitely better when the chowder is warm.  

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