Composers and Schools in Concert is the only outfit in the country devoted to providing high school music students a chance to work with professional composers.

Saturday at McGraw-Hill, several pro composers will lead A Day in the Life of a Composer with topics like video game sound design and building musical instruments out of found objects.

Area students (all skill levels welcome) will spend the day – free of charge thanks to a grant from McGraw-Hill Education – in six workshops:

Steve Horowitz (Classical Graphic Scores and Improvisation): Horowitz’s 14-piece chamber group The Code Ensemble redefines modern chamber music by fusing electric and acoustic. Horowitz also composes music for film (Super Size Me), television (MTV), video games and cartoons. In 1996, he picked up a Grammy for his engineering work on True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe.

Edward Schocker (Creating Music with Made/Found Objects and Other Unusual Instruments): In the spirit of notables like John Cage, Schocker founded The Music For People & Thingamajigs Festival, an annual Bay Area event that champions experimental music, unusual instruments and unlikely tunings.

Karl Cronin (Orchestrating American Folk Songs): Before Cronin began composing original theater work, he studied the effects of music on brain development at Harvard. Now he’s managing director of AXIS Dance Company and artistic director of the Americana Orchestra.

Gino Robair (Improvising and Conducting Strategies for Large Ensembles): Robair has performed and/or recorded with several notables including Tom Waits. He’s also included in the book Percussion Profiles as one of “25 innovative percussionists.”

Steve Kirk (Scoring and Sound Design for Film, Television and Games): Kirk has written the music for a variety of video games including Disney’s video game version ofThe Princess and the Frog, FarmVille’s Theme for Zynga and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Katrina Wreede (Creating the Blues): In addition to being a founding faculty member of the John Adams Young Composer Program at the Crowden School, Wreede plays both classical and jazz viola and she’s a member of the innovative Turtle Island String Quartet.

Mission accomplished with A Day in the Life of a Composer.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A COMPOSER 8:15am-5pm Saturday, March 1, at McGraw-Hill, 20 Ryan Ranch Road, Monterey. Free. RSVP 916-248-5541,

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