Follow-up: What will this area look like in a century?

Asked at: Casa de Oro Gardens in Monterey

LEE MERRILL | Customer Service | Monterey

Street Talk 02.27.14 - Lee Merrill

A: My son, manners and good human nature. The stuff you don’t see much.

Capital Comeback: I see a bigger city. People will flock here for its beauty.

BRANDALYN RAYMOND | Photographer | Carmel

Street Talk 02.27.14 - Brandalyn Raymond

A: My photos – the way I capture and empower diverse women.

Bucks Sucks: The area will be less conservative with more small business that remember their customer’s names.

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ANGEL MELCHOR | Community Activist | Salinas

Street Talk 02.27.14 - Angel Melchor

A: I am president of the Monterey Young Democrats and the Central Democratic Committee. Hopefully I can instill some good into the community.

Games On: In 100 years, Monterey will be hosting the summer Olympics. My family will be there watching soccer and basketball.

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