Last week the Weekly responded to Carmel resident Carolyn Johnson’s request for more info about a dinner at Carmel River State Beach. “A reader wrote in distressed by a big party with lots of tables,” it began. Events like this can be permitted by calling State Parks. But Johnson wanted to know what was up with that, protesting she was not distressed. “Whoever wrote the answer clearly does not know the meaning… I wasn’t even pissed off – yet.” She continued: “Do you see what kind of precedence (sic) is being set? That it’s OK to do ANYTHING, big as you like, on public property, as long as you can PAY for it?” Parks officials assure the Weekly that’s not the case, noting the low volume and impact of the sit-down dinner. The agency denied a permit for a proposed farmers market by Rio Road and Highway 1 in Carmel; that event would have meant a lot of money – and State Parks could use it – but would have alienated a good neighbor in Safeway. “If it will be detrimental to the environment or the location or the neighbors,” one official says, “we deny the permit.”

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“If we have a riot today, we’ll take care of that.”
-Sand City Mayor David Pendergrass, introducing new Police Chief Brian Ferrante to a standing-room-only crowd of area police officers. The last time City Hall was so full, he said, was during a protest about seven years ago.

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