DRO officials will be watching to see how the city and neighborhoods are affected, says City Manager Dino Pick.

As cities in the region continue to wrestle with how to regulate short-term rentals, on May 22 the Del Rey Oaks City Council unanimously approved what is, in some ways, the most permissive short-term rental ordinance on the Monterey Peninsula.

The ordinance puts no cap on either hosted or un-hosted rentals, but it does have language that strives to stave off the type of impacts that have become controversial in Pacific Grove, where some residential streets have been noticeably occupied with constantly revolving guests.

“Short-term rentals shall not adversely affect the residential character of the neighborhood nor shall the use generate noise, vibration, glare, odors, or other effects that unreasonably interfere with any person’s reasonable enjoyment of his or her residence,” the Del Rey Oaks ordinance states.

To that end, the ordinance requires un-hosted rentals – those that are not owner-occupied – to have a “nuisance response plan” that requires, among other things, at least two contact people available 24 hours a day who can respond to any complaints within 30 minutes.

The ordinance comes after two workshops the city held on short-term rentals, where residents were generally supportive of the idea, so long as it was regulated.

City Manager Dino Pick says the city isn’t facing the same volume as Pacific Grove or Carmel – it’s not coastal, and therefore not as much of a draw for tourists.

To comply, rental operators must apply to the city for a license, which is good for one year, and must pay the city transient occupancy tax, currently set at 10 percent of the rental price.

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