Chill: Pot for Pets

Fireworks may be festive, but lots of canine companions suffer through the Fourth of July. It can be tough to watch your furry pal stressing because of the noise.

Luckily, pet owners don’t have to feel totally helpless. Cannabis products aren’t just for humans, and the majority of dispensaries in Monterey County carry some sort of CBD product for pets.

Valentia Valentine (formerly Piccinini), owner of Synchronicity Holistic in Carmel, has been using CBD for her dogs for years. After losing her dog Dolce to lung cancer, she promised herself she would use CBD for his brother, a labradoodle named DaVinci, if he ever got sick. When he was diagnosed with lymphoma a year later she began using VETCBD, a product she carries at her dispensary.

It made a big difference in keeping DaVinci comfortable throughout the final years of his life. “What I saw was heightened energy and ability—he was just happier,” Valentine says.

How is this helpful during Fourth of July season? Just like it does for humans, CBD can help reduce anxiety in dogs. Valentine has customers who use it for separation anxiety, before they take their dog or cat to the vet and before events that might increase a pet’s anxiety.

If you have questions you can also talk to your veterinarian about cannabis. A bill that took effect in California in 2019 prohibited the Veterinary Medical Board from disciplining a licensed veterinarian solely for discussing the use of cannabis on an animal for medicinal purposes. That bill, however, does not allow vets to dispense or administer cannabis products, so for that, talk to your budtender.

SYNCHRONICITY HOLISTIC is located at 26390 Carmel Rancho Lane, Carmel, 624-9042,

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