Holiday Cheer

April 20 has long been a day for cannabis users to let their freak flags fly and indulge in their precious herb with a little extra energy and sacrament.

For Californians, the dynamic shifted in 2018 when the general public could legally purchase recreational cannabis. As we head into our fourth such 4/20, cannabis shops remain a political issue, including in dispensary-less Pacific Grove and Monterey. In other areas, such as Seaside and Salinas, the party is on and local dispensaries are planning massive sales and inviting vendors for their busiest day of the year.

But how does someone whose career and time is tied so closely to cannabis celebrate its special day? A couple of local industry insiders shared their own traditions with the Weekly.

Marcello Macedo started as a budtender at Higher Level in Seaside and now works as a floor supervisor. On 4/20, he marries his two loves, baking and cannabis, and whips up “basically anything with chocolate” using cannabis butter. For more experienced users who want to stay away from smoking, Macedo suggests tinctures, highly concentrated droplets for under the tongue.

For Lori Wright, a general manager at Big Sur Canna+Botanicals in Carmel, an ideal 4/20 would be to pick out a “really nice flower” to smoke before cooking a special dinner. Wright’s preferred strains are Girl Scout Cookie – relaxed with munchies – and Tangie – happy and stress-free. She recommends beginners talk to budtenders before buying. “There are so many options, but it’s all about knowing the appropriate dose,” Wright says.

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