The Secret Sauce is Boss

The Best Of Monterey County® 2015 Results

Life is better with sauce. And life is best with secret sauce.

With the much-anticipated results of the Best of Monterey County® readers’ poll in hand, the Weekly’s writers and editors set out to find out what secret sauce – what key ingredient, whether loyal customer, produce provider, unsung staffer or, perhaps, actual special recipe sauce – makes our readers vote them best in the land. Here’s what we discovered.

The Best of Monterey County® is written by Kera Abraham, Mark C. Anderson, Stephanie Bacheller, Nic Coury, Andi Danes, Daniel DeCamp, Mary Duan, Qres Ephraim, Shiho Fukushima, Jessica Hardcastle, Adam Joseph, Sarah Kenoyer, Hannah Lonergan, Karen Loutzenheiser, Linda Maceira, Sara Rubin, Walter Ryce, David Schmalz, Gabriel Skvor, Arvin Temkar, Stuart Thornton and Alexandra Videmsky. Photos by Nic Coury.