Acme Coffee Roasting Co.

485-B Palm Ave., Seaside (831) 393-9113,

Though candidates who are self-funding and resisting corporate or PAC donations are gaining popularity, this Seaside coffee roaster has had that message all along: “Resist Corporate Coffee.” It allows them to bypass the noise of sideshow drink trends (we see you, Starbucks unicorn frappe) and do things their way: milk and espresso, that’s it… but not really. Their cappuccinos and lattes draw their strength from balanced medium roast espressos (their Motor City blend is always being pulled, but single-origins can be pulled as shots too). They’ve standardized the steamed milk temperatures so “extra hot” doesn’t exist on the menu, because they know that just means burnt milk. Really, if you want to add anything to an Acme latte or capp, it should be “breve” (cream instead of milk) or a limited range of traditional syrups (hazelnut or vanilla). The resistance is smooth. Who would’ve thought.