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Best Of 2021


In recent years, the Weekly has framed its Best Of issues around a playful theme: puppies and kittens, outer space, the ’80s – you get the idea.

In this year’s issue, it’s all about honoring the local businesses, professionals and public servants that have helped us all get through hard times, when we needed them most. We are celebrating the winners by putting them on stage, accompanied by classic rock ‘n’ roll-style poster images.

And what could be a more beautiful theme than the love our community has for those that helped us, and the symbiotic nature of that love. That is the sum of what this issue represents in 2021, a sum far greater than its parts.

But the parts are awesome. In fact, our readers believe they are the best, and in these pages you’ll find guidance for things like: What’s the best place to take visitors? What’s the best new restaurant of 2021? Where can you find the best deli sandwich? What about toy store, thrift shop or auto repair shop? You’ll find those answers, and many more, and even a new category – Pandemic Madness – that specifically honors the things that helped make this last year both more livable, and survivable.

We at the Weekly are proud of every Best Of issue we ship to print, but this year feels even more special, because we in the community have all gone through a lot over the past 18 months, and while we may not be out of the woods yet, it feels like, for the most part, we made it.

That, dear readers, is a cause for celebration. And that is what this issue is: a celebration. – David Schmalz


Agata Popęda, Celia Jiménez, Christopher Neely, David Schmalz, Erik Cushman, Gabriel Skvor, Ivan Garcia, Jeff Mendelsohn, Jesse Herwitz, Karen Loutzenheiser, Keely Richter, Linda Maceira, Mark C. Anderson, Pam Marino, Paul Fried, Sara Rubin, Tajha Chappellet-Lanier, Tonia Eaton


Rory Glass, By the Glass Design


Daniel Dreifuss