Escape Room 831

599 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey, 241-6616 765 Wave St., Suite A-2, Monterey, 324-0513 700 Cannery Row, Suite DD, Monterey, 241-6616

Riddles, puzzles, locked rooms and 60 minutes on the clock to complete a mission is what you can expect at Escape Room 831. Owners Christina and Barrie Riddoch got into it after their granddaughter Andrea started an escape room game online. Later on, the three of them did a brick-and-mortar version and since they had a great time they decided to open their own business. “It’s something that everyone can do, of all ages,” Riddoch says. “It’s really about a bonding moment.” Those who book a room have to collaborate to get out – a perfect blend of fun, different and challenging for any occasion, especially a birthday party. Riddoch likens it to bowling: “Nobody is good at it but you have fun doing it together.”