Best Of Monterey County 2022

THE BEST OF MONTEREY COUNTY® covers 264 categories, not including the final section of Editors’ Picks. Yet it’s not the number that staggers, it’s that we could add more.

Still, we’ve given readers a lot to consider this year. And they have responded.

The annual selection is a democratic process. First readers nominate their favorites. The five or so businesses, people, places – nouns, essentially – receiving the most nominations in each category move to a runoff, where readers are asked to select one.

Admittedly, the process is not perfect. But the Weekly’s election board has never received calls for a recount when strawberries learn that artichokes have been named Best Specialty Crop. There has never been a “stop the steal” riot of solar installers when their business doesn’t come out on top. Nor have we had an angry demand to find the North Fremont Bike Lane 11,000 more votes for Best Place to Bike. Democracy is not threatened in the Weekly’s Best of Monterey County Readers’ Poll. It works.

As we all know, however, democracy can be messy. And it favors some more than others. Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, for example, is the one of the largest employers in the county. They could be expected to receive the most votes for Best Place to Work. But CHOMP is also a great place to work, from what we hear. And as in any election, some candidates are more active than others on the campaign trail. They urge customers to vote with personal appeals, social media posts and advertising. It all can add up to a star on the wall.

So in these pages you will find the results, the people and places that have gained the trust of Weekly readers. - Dave Faries


Agata Popęda, Caitlin Fillmore, Celia Jiménez, Christopher Neely, Dave Faries, David Schmalz, Erik Cushman, Gabriel Skvor, Grace Stetson, Jacqueline Weixel, Jeff Mendelsohn, Keely Richter, Linda Maceira, Marielle Argueza, Pam Marino, Sara Rubin, Tajha Chappellet-Lanier, Taryn Yudaken


Sheila Gibbons Hiebert


Lani Headley


Daniel Dreifuss