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Some Monterey County communities have been booming with fireworks for weeks already in the lead-up to the Fourth of July. With no official fireworks shows planned this year due to the ban on large gatherings, some cities are still allowing limited fireworks of your own.

When I walked into the Seaside headquarters of Monterey County Weekly 13 years ago, to apply for a job as a writer, a loud rap song was bumping through the lobby. I asked the office manager, Linda Maceira, what that was about. She said it was “Hip-Hop Thursday.” Right then I knew I had to wo…

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Salinas Mayor Joe Gunter, the former Salinas Police homicide detective who forged a political career in his retirement years as the head of Monterey County's largest city, died today, June 29, from an infection related to a recurrence of cancer. He was 73.

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The removal and marring of symbols of racism and colonialism in other parts of the country recently prompted Catholic dioceses around California to remove Father Junipero Serra statues for safekeeping, out of fear that protesters might bring harm to symbols of a man the church calls a saint …

Wildfire season is upon us and Monterey County is among the most vulnerable areas in the country. Two of the most important firefighting forces operating here are Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service. At the height of last year’s fire season, they teamed up to make this training video. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

The virtual world of jellyfish, sea otters, sharks and penguins streaming from the Monterey Bay Aquarium through the pandemic is about to once again be accessible in real life after the first-ever closure since opening in 1984.

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